Saturday, May 2, 2015

Preschool graduate

Christian's final day of preschool was April 29.

                  Beginning of preschool Fall 2014                           The Preschool Graduate April 2015

It has been so fun to see Christian grow and develop in various ways this school year.
The difference between last year and this year is very obvious. He writes very eagerly, sounding out the letters and in the beginning stages of spelling on his own. He enjoys drawing and participating in the projects. He has no problem sharing his thoughts and opinions with those that will listen. He has several good buddies in his class.

A little card of sorts that he wrote for his teacher.
(I find it so funny that he thinks she likes to wear dresses. That is what he thought he wanted to get her for Valentine's Day as well. The funny part is...I don't think she ever wore a dress to school.)

The Friday following the last day of preschool...all the classes went together to Tanganyika. The families were invited to join as Mom came with the boys and I. It was the perfect day for the zoo. 

Only pet the kangaroos on their back, only pet the ones that are lying down, and don't pet the ones that have a baby in their pouch. Oh...and don't run to pet them. I don't know as if all the rules were followed, but they were sure gentle when the pet them anyway.

Out of all the animals, I think the goats were both Christian and Noah's favorite :)
They were SO eager to eat the food. And that brown billy goat was Mr Greedy for sure...he followed Noah wherever he went and reached his head out there in front of all the others to snag the food.

Who knew that tortoises were so fast. They were bookin' it in this made Noah uneasy...he was out of there shortly after this picture.

Feeding the fish with Grandma. 
This was next to the lemur exhibit...which we couldn't take pictures in. But they had several baby little! They would cling to their mamas bellies whether they were sleeping or awake, and their long arms and legs wrapped all around to the back side. It was so cute.

The lorikeets were much more tame than other times when we went. I think they said with all the kids from different schools in the past couple days they were well fed, and a bit shy from the overload of very active children!

I think we got around to all the animals...and enjoyed a picnic lunch with the other preschoolers.
We really enjoyed the day.
And although there wasn't a 'graduation'...Christian has completed preschool!


the brokaws said...

I think we need to visit you and go this place...looks so fun! Congrats to the big preschool graduate!

The Hershberger Home said...

I am 100% in agreement 😊