Sunday, May 31, 2015

Noah [2 1/2ish years]

Noah, you are quickly changing to the next stage of toddler-hood.
You are putting words into sentences, making sense of your own version of logic, and just showing us your personality a little more each day.
It is definitely a fun stage to be a part of. Some days I wish I could just record everything you say and do..because it is really the best entertainment, and could easily be watched over and over again for a long time. But, since I don't do that..I'll try and sum up some of the most memorable things you are doing.


You enjoy going outside pretty much when given the opportunity, and sometimes even when the opportunity has not been given. You have learned how to open the front door, and could care less what kind of attire you are wearing prior to leaving. I have since appreciated that there is a sliding lock part of our glass door, which stays that way most of the time. You are quite sensitive to mosquitoes just like your daddy and big brother..but don't seem to mind. You are not a fan of the sprinkler getting you directly wet, you don't mind getting wet...but if you are sprayed on you...GAME OVER! Hence the picture below...we had the sprinkler underneath the trampoline, and it wasn't near the exciting time for you as it was Christian. So you enjoyed your popsicle in true Noah fashion.

You are in the process of potty training. I have a feeling it will all of the sudden be your idea to tell and go...and it will happen on your terms. In the meantime, you 80/20 go when we sit you on the potty. Christian enjoys being actively involved with this process, and the two of you look at This Old House magazine while you try to 'go'. Other times, you think you need to bring either an article of clothing (such as your cowboy boots) or a toy along with. Whatever works my man...the sooner we can figure this out, the better off everyone's nose will be!
While you have yet to figure out the #2 side of things, I will comment on how you may "stink" from time to time. Your reply, "No, mama...I not 'dinky'. I not do it." OR...."I 'orrendous'. (As when you are not feeling well, it is extra bad, and I may or may not have said it was horrendous.) 

 You march to the beat of your own drum.
Sometimes, when it is you and Jonah only at home with will easily find something to occupy yourself with for quite awhile. I'm wondering if this will stay true come this fall, when Christian is in school everyday. Unless you are tired or hungry, you are quite content finding 'some-ding' to play with. However, you are a bit too satisfied with adventuring off to wherever you please when it comes to playing outside. I feel as though a bell would be more than appropriate so I can find you..not even kidding. You are a quiet player..and you are not very big...and you do not respond when I ask where you are. All things = you need to be watched!
And if I'd tell you to stay close by, or that it is not safe to wonder ever so pleasantly will say, "Ok, mama. Ok." You say "ok" alot...and it is said in the most agreeable way, as if you would hardly EVER think of doing anything that I wouldn't approve of. You certainly know how to win the hearts of those that you say this least you mean well, I suppose.

You are so silly. You have been wearing your glasses for about 6 months now. It seems like much longer, just because we are so used to you in them. The only complaint you seem to have with them, is the sensitivity to the sunlight...poor guy. Usually, I have a hat for you to wear, and you are fine with that. But this particular day, you just took matters into your own hands, and put Christian's sunglasses overtop of your glasses and called it good. You played like this for quite some time, and then decided it actually wasn't very comfortable.

You are such a good big brother to Jonah. You like to hold him, although he is catching up to you in size in a real fast manner. I think you are maybe 6-7 pounds apart in weight. The more mobile he is, the more you feel as though he truly is like you and sometimes tickle him a bit more aggressive than what is really desired on his end. hand him toys, that he probably shouldn't play, markers, crayons, various food items. I love how you are generally very kind to him. You read to him, climb in his crib and play with him (perhaps a little too much bouncing), and just like to give him lots of hugs/lay next to him.

Your smile is contagious. You can get in ornery moods from time to time...and it is simply hilarious. You change the way you talk...either you will lower your voice, use a whisper, or mimic the way you've heard someone else talk. And then, you can get SO playful...start to walk like an animal or just start tickling/pouncing on us. "I'm a hip-po-pot-mus..(said in a low, slow voice while waddling side to side)"...and then he will charge and hug me. Goof ball.
You and Christian can get in the most ridiculous arguments over how things are said. Oh goodness, the phrase "not a good idea" is very over used. I'm sure we say it to both of you, "I don't think that was a very good idea" or "that was a bad idea". So now, the both of you will argue with each will say, "good idea, Shishen." And Christian will reply, "No, Noah. Actually, bad idea." Back and forth, back and forth, louder and louder, more emphatically trying to prove one is right. Sometimes the roles are reversed....and every once in a great while, you will say it in an asking form...and if you happen to be playing nicely with something, Christian will agree excitedly and then you both exclaim "Yayyyyyy.....good idea!"
It sounds like its nothing, but trust me...I hear those words alot :)

You are slow to get moving when you wake up. Your white blankie and sometimes a stuffed animal needs to accompany you as you transition out of the fog of your nap. But even when you are seemingly half out of can come up with some funny stuff. On this day, you were laying at the top of the stairs like this after you woke up..and I came to talk to you. I thought you were almost back asleep..and then you said, "you carry me like the fly-boat?" (and gave a half smile) The fly-boat is on the show The WonderPets...and the cute little animals ride in it.
You also like it when I rock you to sleep. You are getting a little demanding of what songs can be sung with this rocking in your old age! I'll start with one, "We thank you God..." and somedays I go through 4-5 beginning of songs, and each one you say, "Nope, nope...not dat one."
However, one day recently when I was singing through all the people in "We Thank you God..." and got to Brent. You looked up in your sleepy state, and smiled real big, and said, "Breennnt....tickle me." (Uncle Brent and sure do like it when he gets you!)

"I get the 'tool out, mama. I get it out. I help you in da kitchen."
You are quite the helper in the kitchen. Anytime, I have some baking to do and you are not playing outside, I can count on you wanting to help. You like it when I get your stool out. You often leave the 's' off of the beginning of words. 
'tool= stool
'wimming= swimming. 
"I go 'wimming mama. I want to go 'wimming with Grandpa John."
(The boys and Ben have gone with Grandpa John at the Wellness Center a couple times.)
'dicky= sticky
Mama: "Noah, come here, I want to wash your hands off, they are sticky."
You: "No, mama. No I not come here. They not 'dicky."
'dinky= stinky
"I not dinky. Nope, nope, I not." ....90% of the time, yes you are.
'natch= snatch
"Shish-en natched dat away from me!!!!" (Christian, snatched that away from me!)
dop= stop
"Dop it, Shishen. Me no like dat!"
'mooch= smooch
You don't give them out freely...but when you do they are extra special. "I 'smooch you, mama."
'dory= story
"Tell me a dory, about a boy." You get a story told at bedtime, and occasionally before your nap. And this is your request for the topic.

You aren't too particular on your clothing yet, thank goodness. But you DO like your Thomas pajamas...and we haven't even really watched it. "I wear Thomas the Train!" (said so excited)
You also love it if I put Jonah in your bed when we are going through the bedtime routines. You are so proud that he is laying where you do! It's funny how excited you say it, "Jonah, lying in MY bed!! Jonah, on my bankie! OH Jonah."

You like animals. And they like you. 
You like to check on the Greats. You open the door by yourself, go in, pick them up, carry them around if they let you..and then moozie on your way. Even though you've said all their names, almost always when referring to ANY chicken (whether, it be one of our own 6 or in a coloring book) you will say it is "Ardis". Ardis is the fan favorite hands down. 
The other day, you opened the back door and headed towards chicken house saying, "I let Ardis out. I hold her."

"I put my rain boots on."
They have been needed these days, with all the rain we've had.

The pantless Farmer Noah, herding the chickens. 

You may be on the petite side..but you are strong...and you don't really slow down.
I'm so grateful you are healthy and full of charisma. 
You bring us so much joy, Noah Benjamin!

Other phrases you use:

"A tiny titch.": Asking Grandma for juice you say, "Gramma, I want juice...a tiny titch of water." (You know that I water it down, so I guess you want to make the call on how much water goes in.)

"Uff-da": Yep, you say it..and use it in the right way. 

"I go wiss you, Mama.": This makes me so sad when I leave for work, and I ask for a goodbye hug and kiss. And instead you will say this...I wish you could come with me, but I don't think that would be 'a good idea.'

"I see a WATER TOWER!!!": You are good at finding any and all water towers when we are out and about. It started when they put up one along the interstate, near Papa's building...and now you find them all! And announce it with gusto!

"I do sum-ding on the Ipad." : You don't get to play on the Ipad often, but you like the chance when you get it.

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