Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blessed Mama

Mother's Day...a good day to feel extra blessed.
I have my three little boys, each so special to me, each a gift from God.
I have my Mom, I am so grateful for all that she is for me and our family...she is my mom AND my friend.

We went to church in the morning, it was a very rainy morning. As we driving to church, it REALLY rained. As we sat in church, I decided that was 'church' for listen to the rain and thunder...there was just an awesomeness to it. 

After church, we briefly stopped at home, then headed out to John & Chris's for the Hershberger family gathering. They host every Mother's Day, a very special tradition. 
We had their homemade brick oven pizza, salad, and sausage empanadas...and homemade pies for dessert (I had the rhubarb, SO very good!).

Jonah enjoying being held by Grandpa and Grandma H.

 Ben and his Mom

Christian played in the rocks/puddle in the driveway most of the time. Noah roamed around, petting the cat and dogs whenever possible. And Jonah did really well just being held.

We got home mid afternoon...Ben took Christian and Noah to the grocery store to get things to take for supper.
We went over to Mitch's house for supper. He made fajitas, which were tasty.
The men got the food around and cleaned up...treating us very nice.

The Kansas mamas...

Thanks Mitch for hosting...

Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts I have been given. 
From the instant I knew they were growing inside of me, and then again when I saw each one of them, my heart grew and overfilled with love and joy.
I hope they will each feel my love and support now and always.

And to my Mom...I love you very much.
From the little things to the very big things you, I appreciate you and the love you show.

It was a good day.

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