Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Great's Home

Ben finished work on the chicken's a peek inside.

The coop. (April 18...their move-in date)

The roost.
They climb up the ladder, and then up the branch to get to the upper roosting stick.
All six go up there at night. (Farmer Ben tucks them in!)
There is a poop deck below the roosting stick (an old closet shelf turned upside down) is amazing how they know where and when to poop in there.

Four nesting boxes. There is a hinged roof of sorts on the outside of the boxes, that lifts up to collect the eggs. Maybe sometime late summer we will start getting eggs :)
It's handy that there are two swinging doors to the coop, with a latch on the outside. It makes it quite handy to clean out the shavings, or just get to the inside for feeding/watering. There is also a latched door that opens below the coop where the food is stored.

 The run. (May 14)
There is a hinged door that we now leave open from the coop to the run. The ramp that leads to the opening to the coop, was not their favorite way of getting down initially...they would take a step or two, then fly down. Ben has put up different roosting areas in the run section several times already, I think he enjoys changing their options :)

 If we're outside, we leave the door to the outdoors open...and they come in and out as they please. They have yet to roam the yard. They stay very close to their home, but seem to "play" and peck the ground when they get out. Whenever we want them back inside, they are easily "hearded" back in. Christian enjoys helping take care of them. Both Christian and Noah like to check on them, and attempt to hold them (they are getting way to quick for Noah now).

There it is.
I'm happy with it..I think like with alot of projects, it was a little longer in the making than maybe first anticipated...but Ben did a really good job. I'm just certain Fannie, Faye, Lois, Lola, Stella, and Ardis are very grateful!

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