Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Two boys, Six Chickens, and Mud

The Greats are growing, they moved out to their new permanent home now. Ben has made a real nice chicken house...maybe a little nicer than first planned. Regardless, they are enjoying themselves.

Christian and Noah are still very intrigued by them. They handle them freely and so far, they don't seem to mind.

Lola and Fannie "kissing"

And it has rained a decent amount lately...
glorious rain!
Christian was thoroughly enjoying the mud, and Noah was much more hesitant...which is pretty ironic. Recall The Muddy Encounter from last summer.

Noah enters the puddle, wearing his shoes (his green Crocs).

Big brother rescues him, as he gets his feet stuck in the mud and can't move.

Ahh, fishing out the lost shoe!

Noah so devastated that his Croc is completely covered in mud.

My favorite picture.

This was the final straw...getting splashed in the face with mud.

Poor guy. He was a serious mess.
His clothes were removed outside, with a quick wipe down...and then a nice warm bath inside.

Not long after, Christian got cold...and he took a warm bath too.

Then they both wanted to snuggle on the couch...a rare, but sweet sight.

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