Friday, May 15, 2015

Our days

An overview of what our days have looked like over the last month...

::plenty of fort building::

::bike/stroller rides followed by a popsicle break::

::a little lego building with PJ's and rainboots::

::lots and LOTS of coloring::

::flower and garden planting...he was my outdoor supervisor::

::lazy, snuggly mornings::

::I have been trying to organize and put toys away for a season...but little boys find them, and immediately unload them::

::while I'm at work, Ben sends me updates of how they are doing...they clearly get along just fine with their Daddy::

::lots of jumping on the trampoline::

::spending time outside, entertaining one another with bubbles::

::dance parties...oh, we get real craa-zy::

::a special treat..I set up the sprinkler under the trampoline::

::little Jonah just observes and goes with the flow::

These are our days...

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