Sunday, April 12, 2015


We were glad to have some quality cousin time this week.

Jace-man with his Easter basket..ready for the hunt.

Gia and Christian (and Cleo..begging for attention)

Mia & Gia

A lot of time spent in the sand pile!
Collecting worms!!
Hundreds, yes hundreds, were in there when it was tilled up! 
They all loved it...they spent so much time getting them.

All the family came over to our place Tuesday evening for supper. 
They met the chicks..Ava holding Lola.

 I don't know what Noah was up to..but the other 8 cousins were in the picture (Jonah just snuggling with Grandma).

Jace came over one day for awhile.
Christian and him carried on for quite some time, their conversations are VERY entertaining to listen to. How they are going to fix things up, and what needs to happen, and how they play with certain things, how to properly build things..I mean, really, what is there not to talk about.

Jace was saying, "WHY?" something was a certain way in this picture, it really cracks me up.
(What's even funnier is thinking of how Carissa has said, "whhhhhyyyy?" many times in the past...hmmmm, makes me laugh.)

They loved jumping together. I just love these pictures...mid air nose wipe and all!

Building does not stop during their snack break.

Friday, we went to the zoo. We had lunch at a park before, then checked out all the animals.
It was a gorgeous day.

The three of us sat on the tram together..while Carissa and Mom had all the kids. 
Such a funny and random combo. 
And Ben was sitting on top of a very flat tire, a-whomp a-whomp. We told the driver when we got off, that perhaps he has a low tire, "oh yeah...its been like that."

Christian, you are no longer a penguin sized boy. 
Well, neither is Jace...but regardless, they are all pretty cute boys!

Noah loved to see the animals. 
Visiting the penguins.

Friday night we had a bon fire..what a beautiful night. 
S'mores, the was really a nice night.

 We had a very full week, filled with special memories...
thankful for cousins both near and far!

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