Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mama's boys

Just some pictures of my boys over the last month or so....

Christian and Noah doing some light reading in their new chairs from Grandpa & Grandma..

Jonah needed to test it out too!

One day, I thought they were playing downstairs while I was upstairs...
it was "too" quiet, so I went to check on them.
Christian said, "We got too hot." They were looking at some kind of "World's Records Book"

"Quien se esconde?"
Daddy reading one of their favorite Spanish books to Noah.

Noah is in the beginning stages of potty training. We have better days than some.
One morning, they both needed to take care of business. Christian has recently enjoyed looking at a magazine while he goes..."This Old House". So naturally, Noah decided he needed to do the same thing. It was quite the sight.

In Preschool, they were discussing incline planes...and they built a creation using scrap wood and wood glue. Christian made two VERY large ones...using a LOT of glue!

These are the moments that I want to freeze time....

Noah reading a book to Jonah..he's still so in love with his baby brother.

Two of my loves...

Noah was saying something about "Che-chen??? (Christian)"
We all enjoy a good Freddy's visit.

They have such sweet moments while Christian is at preschool..
the house is usually so much more quiet. Not to be mistaken with dull, or boring...just less noise.

We've all enjoyed being outside more.
This is at Grandpa and Grandma's...oh how they have the fun things to play with!

I was in the kitchen, and I knew Noah went down the hall...
when it got really quiet, I went to check and he had climbed into Jonah's crib to play with him.
They both thought that was just fantastic!

One day, these two were playing outside at our house while I was inside feeding Jonah. Normally, this is not a problem. But on this particular day, they were pushing around their cars that the kind they can sit in and scoot. They decided to take them for a stroll down our street, all the way to the corner, by the motorcyle shop. Needless to say, when I walked out to see where they were and then walked to the front to find our neighbor lady walking on the road towards the corner...I knew. 
Long story short, we needed a different change of scenery by the we loaded up the stroller and Christian's bike and strolled around town for a couple hours. 
This was at Hesston College, where we started, and had to stop for a break after about 3 minutes in.

These two in the morning are often quite snuggly.

These boys keep things interesting...often funny....sometimes wearing...but very rewarding. 
I love them all to pieces.

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