Sunday, April 12, 2015

Work Day

As a gift for Dad's 60th birthday, we all had a work day for him on Saturday.

 Landscaping, putting up walls/ceiling in the pool house, painting the windmill/putting it up, and weeding the strawberries were the main projects we worked on. And there was also a very fancy "coffee break" provided by Mom...delicious monkey bread and coffee, as well as a grilled lunch. 
I'd say we all had a productive and good work day.

Tim and Carissa worked on planting the plants around the pool.

Our "break" was pretty windy out all day, but the sun was nice!

 The kids wanted to help they raked up grass clippings.
It is so cute to watch them all work together.

Ben and Brent worked on the pool house.

 Mitch painted the tips of the windmill, and then put it up outside.

When we all work together, together, together,
When we all work together how happy we'll be!

I like working together,
whether it be right along side or just knowing we're all doing something in the name of the same cause. It's fun....I think anyway. (I guess by the looks of it, I wasn't working...ha. I helped with some planting and weeding.)

Happy 60th Dad!

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