Sunday, August 3, 2014

Christian [5 Years Old]

Christian at 5 Years Old...

You are 3 ft 7 1/2 inches tall...and weigh 38 lbs.
You wear size 4-5 in shirts...and can still fit into 18 month shorts (but they are too short!), so you wear 3T shorts. However, in pants you need 5T for the length. You are thin and long!!

Your favorite toys to play with are:
cars, monster trucks, the cardboard brick blocks, planes, Legos, silly putty, a shovel (to dig in the dirt), strings to "hook" things up with, and pulleys/levers.

Your favorite movies:
Cars, Planes, Fire & Rescue Planes, Frozen
You do not like anything remotely scary...or even knowing the "bad/sad" parts bothers you..
so we don't watch very many.

Your favorite shows:
Paw Patrol (at Grandma's house), Pocoyo, and a variety of PBS shows (it is a treat to get to watch "shows")

Things you like to play outside:
Swing, ride your bike, dig in the dirt/sand, soccer, and find worms

Things you like to play inside:
Wii (you LOVE when you get to do this), kinetic sand, paint

Foods you like (this list is way easier than the foods you dislike!):
Hamburgers (plain, ketchup ONLY!!), french fries, frozen stick yogurt, flat pancakes, MLC (you named this for meat-lettuce-chip) sandwich, pizza, haystacks, meatballs, baked oatmeal, carrots, apples, pineapple, grapes, corn on cob (although not consistent), Grandma's noodles, and CEREAL (you usually change your "favorite" about every other month).

You refer to yourself as "Critchen". 
You know how to spell your first name by yourself. Somehow your nickname is "Squirt" and you've decided we all have nicknames. Daddy= Oool' Daddy (said in a southern way) Mama= Snookem's Noah= Twinkle Toes

Your personality:
You are very strong willed, and have an incredible amount of determination. I am hoping one day this really proves to be a beneficial trait. Currently, this makes our role as parents a bit challenging in certain areas. You are very opinionated on certain topics: clothing and food are the hardest ones.
You KNOW what you want to wear, and if it is "fancy" for no reason, that is a problem (according to you)! You have recently gotten better about picking your own "fancy" clothes out for church and/or other events we explain require more than play clothes...but other times it is a STRUGGLE to get you to cooperate. Sometimes the things you pick out, are not necessarily what I would call "matching" often put a striped shirt with plaid shorts that don't have the same colors...but you give it a solid we let it go for certain things. And for several weeks, you decided it was "fancy" to wear your cowboy boots with your dress shorts to church...I never did argue with this one...I actually think you look kinda cute like this.
As far as food are just pretty picky. It is one of those things I am hopeful you will grow out of...and probably one day I will be saying how you eat everything in the house. We are not there yet. To even get you to "try" a bite of something new is a big ordeal most of the time. I must say, in the last couple months you have been somewhat perhaps as a five year old, your taste buds will mature..or your attitude about trying it at least. 

You are also very sweet. You are sensitive. You take things literally and believe what people tell you. You give the best "good morning hugs" to me and greet Daddy when he comes home with a very excited "DADDY!!!!" accompanied by a running hug! When someone is hurt, you are sympathetic and want to kiss it to make it feel better...or are quick to get one of "your super cool bandaids" if it involves bleeding. If an adult asks to have one of your treats (i.e. candy or food that is extra special) you usually willingly offer them some, even though they are usually kidding. You even do this with Noah..which surprises me every time...because you LOVE your sweets! You are very expressive with your thanks for gifts, especially at Christmas and your birthday. It is so fun to watch. However,  you said so innocently, "would anyone else like to give me a present?" after opening several gifts on your birthday. Maybe being humble isn't always your forte...but you are fairly quick to recognize the correction of saying thank you or not expecting something when its a gift. You are a very good big brother. The expected arguments and conversations happen routinely...but you truly love your brother(s). Lately, you want to hold Noah...which he isn't always so keen of. And you talk often of how you will love and hold the baby brother when he comes. You like to feel him move and talk to my belly.

You are smart. (I am certainly biased.) Your vocabulary never ceases to amaze me in how you put together sentences or make sense of words in a way an old man does. You have a crazy good memory...almost too good. And equally, crazy good hearing. Conversations can take place that are should be above your interest level...and you maybe don't chime in right away...but hours or days later will bring up the conversation you overheard and talk about it. We have been reading chapter books lately, and you love them. You have a good imagination and are an active listener, asking appropriate questions so you stay engaged. Along with this, you LOVE when Grandpa and Daddy tell you stories at bedtime. You remember them...and talk about them days/months later. You are teaching yourself how to spell things out. We have not encouraged much in the way of doing this, so you won't be bored during preschool...but you are good at sounding things out yourself, and ask questions. Obviously, we don't avoid the questions...but it is impressive how you instinctively have done this over the summer. You like guidance, as far as instructions when it comes to building with Legos...but you can build and create some pretty neat things using other toys. You really like to use pulleys, some invented by you..and others are made with that intention. You are also good at singing...and again you have a good memory with songs. You also have an opinion on what kind of music we listen changes, but you have an opinion. I particularly enjoy watching you "bust a move" when rhythmic songs come on...its hilarious.

You are a child of God. I love how you love to hear Bible stories. And like with other remember them. You know about Jesus, you know that He came and died on the cross for us...and you know that one day when you die you will go to Heaven and meet Him there. I know you know this, because you have told me. It gave me a very odd feeling the first time you brought up, "when I die" I will go to Heaven conversation. I obviously would be completely crushed if this happened...but to know you have an understanding of Jesus and why He came to this Earth is pretty remarkable. Listening to your "child-like faith" talk and questions is my devotion most it challenges me to understand my faith better.

You are an amazing five year old Christian. I am certain you make this world a better place by being in it. Your smile and laughter is truly contagious. "I love you all the way up to space!!" (as you often tell me) and then some. Thank you for being the boy you are. I am so grateful to be your mama!

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