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Noah [22 months]

Noah: 22 months old
This is somewhat of a random timing for an update on you, but I feel as though I need to remember and  appreciate this time in your life. You are full of energy!

In general you are a happy guy.
Your laugh when you are playing is more like a chuckle...and when you are being chased or tickled it is a indescribable giggle. 

You have a love for shoes (and clothes for that matter).
You often will go get your shoes out of the closet, bring them to me...and say "shu-ss??" Then pull on my legs until I go to the door and get the idea that you would like to play outside. 

You have a calm and tender side. When you meet new people or just people you don't see all the time...you often pretend to be bashful with a sweet smile. You have blonde hair and very blue eyes. I have seen pictures of myself as a child your age...and I do have the same hair and eyes...but it is still hard for me to see who you look like. You definitely have a different look than Christian :) 

You like to get into things. I know when you are too quiet, it is usually not a sense of ease I get...it is concern for what it is you found. Lately, you will come to me with something and say, "no, no"...and indeed, you have found something that you know you are not supposed to have. When you do get scolded, you are about 50/50 on your response. Somedays, you will look at me and straight up laugh at me, then turn to do it again. Other days, you will melt, put your head down and sob. Poor fella. You do this if your feelings are hurt too...come with open arms, crying...needing to be comforted.

You're a decent eater. Nothing to brag about, but not extremely picky either.
This summer you ate your fair share of corn on the cob...but didn't want to hold it..just lean over and eat it. Your other favorite foods are yogurt, pizza, macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, peaches, baked oatmeal and certain types of cereal. You like many more things..as long as they are on my plate, and I give them to you from there. You are also VERY independent about using a fork or spoon. At naps and bedtime you still drink your milk (half almond milk/half regular milk) from a bottle...and not because we haven't tried putting it in a different cup. You are adamant milk is to be drank from a bottle. 

You say many words now. You are not fluent by any means. And you have many jabbering noises you use at various times. But your vocabulary as a whole as increased tremendously. However, you still use "mama" very seldom. I'm glad I don't base your love for me off of how verbal you are to me :)

Here are a few of the words you use:
Da-eee: daddy
Papa: Grandpa
Cr--nnn: Christian (its hard to formulate how you say it..but its a definite combination)
Jace: Jace (pretty sure you think your name is Jace sometimes)
baby!!!: said with gusto most of the time...in combination of pointing to my belly
Jack: your baby doll, "Jack" whom you love dearly
Ki-eee: kitty....also dearly loved. You like animals in general...and are usually gentle enough for them to like you back.
Kiy: kind...you are told this often (you have a tendency to bang on things...and lately you will stop yourself, and say "Kiy"...and then pet them instead)
Pay: plane, you have keen ears and can hear them while we are inside. You'll go to the window and point up. You also say this for the word "play".
Bay: blanket...you sleep with one, and you like to tuck it between your legs. It's pretty cute!
Mow: milk. When this is poured, and you see it..you have no issues with going straight to bed!
Tou-ch: said very short. You really like to be lifted to the ceiling/fan/light anything above your head to touch it. (Grandpa often does this for you!)
Reee-ch: again, like with touch
Shut: said very short, you like to shut the doors to things yourself!
Bou: book. You've REALLY started to look at books, and bring them to us to read to you. 
Bapple: Apple. A new favorite word, anything resembling an apple is a "BAPPLE!!!"
Run-ig: running..you LOVE to be chased!
Ca-ee: candy. Grandma's house...enough said.
Dink: drink. You drink water, and sometimes with a splash of juice from a cup or sippy cup.
Beep: You will now "beep" our nose in order to get us to do something...its a game for various things! You are thrilled with it!
Mess: You are well aware of when you are either about to make one, or have already made a mess, especially involving food! You put 2 words together occasionally...you said "hands mess" just today!
No, no, no: You are just now starting to say no. But you usually are referring to yourself and how you should not have done something.
Bye-bye: You are ready to go..especially if its bedtime OR if you think you're getting to go somewhere outside!

There are more..and I KNOW you understand WAY more than what you say!!

You get such a kick out of doing things like a "big person"...such as water the plants.

You are all boy. You love the dirt. You love to just roam around. And you get sweaty very easily.
Luckily, you also LOVE the bath!

You look up to Christian. You try to do as he does. You perhaps get in his way from time to time...and are quickly learning if you squawk about it..we think its his fault at first. But you, my dear Noah, can be an instigator and we are now very aware of your ways :)

You were dipping your bacon into the yogurt. You have a major temperature issue. If you even think its hot...you will not touch it. "Hot. Hot. Hot"....followed by blowing. This can be on things that are not even close to being hot.

You love animals. You love Cleo. You make a friendly growling sound of sorts to best describe it when you want to pet her, or when you are just playing with certain toys. Its almost like a "driving a toy car sound"..but more growly-playful like.

You are a goof.

You are not to be left unattended. 
You have no fear. (or at least little fear)

You can look so sweet and innocent...and I just love to kiss those cheeks!
You CAN give kisses...but are very stingy with whom gets them and when.

You have almost all your teeth (not your two year molars..and I think one eye tooth is left). 
Every time you cut your teeth through, you run a fever and are just not yourself. You are VERY cuddly on those days...which I will soak up...but it makes me so sad to see you out of your norm.

You are a climber...no height is too high. The taller you get, the better you are at hoisting your leg up to get to the next level of whatever it is you are thinking you should get to! I keep thinking you will climb out of your crib (and soon enough you will be "kicked" out)...but that has yet to happen.

You got yourself up on the counter while I was making applesauce to "help". I enjoy your company, but I would be lying I said you made my household tasks easy.

You are on the go and just a "bowser" as you get around. But you're a lovable, kissable, playful little guy too! I know you're not a baby by age, but you are acting less and less like one..and more and more like a full-fledge toddler everyday. I'm sure once your little baby brother is born...it will make you seem even MORE like a big boy. But for now, you are my baby...and truly each one of you boys are my babies...just in a different size than you started out :)

I love you Noah bear...every bit of you!

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