Saturday, August 16, 2014

Airport restaurant

We went to the airport restaurant in Benton. It is a neat place. We ate outside, even though it was a bit WARM. But we were easily distracted by watching the planes and they have a playground to play on while we waited for our food. 

SO excited to watch the plane take off!

Pretty standard...Noah stands up in his high chair..but this time, with good reason.
To watch a 'pay' = plane!

The food is good too! Christian was especially impressed with basket the fries came in :)
He's an observant one.

After we had finished eating, we were treated by this last plane that went up...and then swooped down in front of us to let off this smokey-like substance the whole way of the runway and went back up. 

And to further the excitement for the night..
we stopped at Twisted Cow on the way home for dessert!
Christian said, "I just can't believe we get to go to Twisted Cows!! I am so excited, I just LOVE Twisted Cows!!"
It was a good night :)

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