Thursday, August 28, 2014


Our apple tree did well this year. 
Oodles and oodles of apples. 
I wish they didn't have any blemishes or worms...
but for being free and tasting delicious in applesauce I won't complain!

Ben and the boys picked the apples. 
They enjoyed themselves. I think we've picked about 3-4 times,
and Ben said there's probably at least one more batch to go.

Christian loves to climb the apple tree. Noah tries...but can't quite get it yet.

After he picked them, he took a break in the tree house to eat one.

I froze many containers of applesauce. 
I love the smell of making it. 
And I really love the taste of fresh, hot applesauce! Oh yum.

I had a helper, two of them of sorts. 
Christian would bring me apples from the big bucket we had them in...line them up on the counter for me. And after they were cooked, he really liked to crank the handle.
The other helper, Noah...well, let's just say, he was a tad less productive.
He would climb on the counter and try to shove apples in the wrong direction of the strainer...or really, just try to get me to stop making the applesauce and focus my attention on something more to do with him! One of his newest, and most favorite words is "bapples"...he says it pretty stinkin' cute.

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