Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Noah [20 months]

Oh Noah! 
We say that alot....along with "ohhhh boy, what are you doing?, where are you?, look what he did!."
You keep us going, that's for sure. 

You are talking more and more each day! Literally, I can't hardly keep up with the words you are trying to repeat starting this last week. You have entered the mimicking stage. 
Many words I said today, you had a version of repeating...but here are a few of the words you are saying on a more regular basis:
"Da-eee" (daddy): used very often, and said very excitedly...look around for him when he's at work saying this
"Ma-ma": JUST now started, and honestly, I only heard once. Daddy claims you said it over and over again when I was gone for the day!
"Cri-te or Tri-teh": I can't place what letters you're using..but it resembles the sound of saying Christian of sorts, and it is when you seem to be talking about him
"Papa": clear as a bell...you've been saying it for months now! You know your grandpa :)
"baby": very clearly. You love to look at pictures of yourself as a baby. You smile and giggle at it...repeating the word baby over and over. Just lately, you will say baby and then swat pat at my belly. I'm a little nervous about just how gentle you intend on being when this little baby joins our family!
"side": outside
"Kkki-o" (Cleo): Grandma and Grandpa's dog...you LOVE her. You giggle and say this when we pull in their driveway and she is outside.
"Mitch": Mitch..it was a one time deal..so maybe not, but it sounded just like it when Mitch was in the room 
"ha": hot
"aa-ch": ouch
"iiight!!!!": light...you love them!
"moo": moon..you point up to it
"ay-ppay": airplane..you point up to the sky and say this when you hear one, and sometimes will actually look up to find it
"peese": please..you also sign this (you're REAL good at it when you want a treat!) Sometimes you sign it by doing the rubbing on the person holding you's chest instead of your own. As in, you want them to get you the treat, so you'll say "please" to them by signing ON them.
"mow": more..you also sign this (and its SO cute).
"bye-bye": clear as a bell today at the library!
"chhheee": cheese..as in for photo taking purposes, not eating :)
"shoe": it isn't that clear, but the shh sound is followed by some vowel close enough. You've known this one for awhile now...and you know exactly where to go get them when we say we're going somewhere!
"pa-eee": potty. And after tonight, when you said this after you lifted the lid to the toilet and tried to unsnap your outfit, leaned back like you were going to the bathroom and said "pa-eee" again...I'm wondering if you could be potty trained soon. It seems crazy...but I would NOT complain if that were the case!
"wheee!": going down the slide usually gets this!
"Go!": used often and clearly.
"reee!": when counting 1,2,3...its the THREE! With gusto.
"Bay": blanket/blankie. You love your white blanket.
"tra-ss": trash. You thoroughly enjoying tossing things in the trash..whether they belong there or not!
"Tr-a": truck
"tra-ta": tractor

I know there are more..I can't remember right now.
You know how to point to some of your body parts when asked. 
You clearly seem to understand what we are talking about on many topics..you don't always choose to use any of the words you do know to talk..but you are jabbering MOST of the time.
You are very aware of how to say "no" by shaking your head. You have said the actual word a couple times, but you seem to prefer the very clear head shake.

And if all else fails..Christian feels he has the ability to interpret most any action or jabbering combination you have to offer. Sometimes, he is quite offended by what you "seem" to be saying, and other times it is to benefit his wants/needs (especially when dealing with a toy that needs to be shared!). It seems a bit ridiculous when Christian can get in all out tears over what you have "said" to him, when indeed you are not talking in sentences, let alone many of the words that could possibly do this kind of insult.
Other updates on your life at 20 months:

I put the dining room chairs back up, after months of being on their sides. I was tired of looking at the table like that, and never using the chairs. So, instead I FREQUENTLY get you down from on top of the table. The light switches by the table have been taped over, so you can't continuously flip them on and off. You have a very strong interest in switches and outlets, and no matter how many times you are told no very firmly...you go right for them the next time. I have covered all outlets..and even that doesn't stop you from prying the little "child-proof" plugs out.

You are a pretty decent eater. Its hard to really compare, because the only other comparison is pretty picky. You really like yogurt, meatballs, thin pancakes, spaghetti (although, not consistently), macaroni and cheese, blueberries (ALOT..we just discovered this!), pizza, bananas (although, you seem to be phasing out of your love for those), most cereals, baked oatmeal (another new discovery that you LOVE), and anything sweet (oooohh boy...you get very greedy when it comes to dessert/treats!) You definitely prefer to feed yourself. And when you are done, you are starting a bad habit of dropping things on the floor. If you are not strapped in tight enough...and left even slightly half supervised, it is a guarantee you will be out of the high chair, standing on the tray (and now you have discovered you can shimmy your way down to the ground from getting out on the side).

We have resorted to kitchen sink bath time immediately following some meals (mainly spaghetti and pancakes...yikes!)

Even though you may be a go-getter, and generally a rough and tumbly sort of little guy...
you are definitely a softy at heart. You can be quite sensitive, and melt when told "no". (However, this doesn't stop you from doing the same thing over again!) You come crying, your little sobbing-waddle walk to me, holding your arms up. I hold you..you lay your head down long enough to realize you were consoled...and you want down again :)
You love to be "gotten". Oh...your laugh fills my heart. You get so excited when you laugh :) 

Anytime you get the chance, you want to be "side" (outside). You know when anyone is ready to go..you pell mell to the door, grab your shoes, and stand there waiting for them to let you out! I make it sound like you're a caged animal..we do let you out, my dear! We play outside often..I obviously have to be out there with you because your sense of fear is nearly non-existent..and you get into things (shocking, I know)! You really like to play with water and mud. Splashing/sitting in the water, and stinking your fingers in the mud to be more precise. You "fling" and drink/eat both whenever you get the chance.
You used to love swinging..but now you are more interested in the clicking devices that keep you strapped in. You just want to click them together..and then get very upset if I don't unclick them fast enough for you to do it over and over and OVER again! You like to play with the assortment of cars/push toys that we have collected..but move through them fairly quickly. If they have any kind of hole or compartment..you really enjoy filling those with rocks!
We go on walks...you like that! Whether you are in the stroller or the wagon..you like to look around..and eat snacks along the way!

You play in our pool sometimes. You like to crawl over the edge to get in..whether you have a suit on or not. You will play in there..splash around, plop down, get out...go play with something and come back to it. At Grandpa and Grandma's pool, you are now getting very familiar with getting your own life jacket out, handing it to me...and promptly going to the stairs and getting in. Just a few weeks ago, you were pretty leery of getting in. You still want to be held closely if we start walking around in the pool. But if you are near the stairs..you act like you own the place!

 You are a little birdy when it comes to getting something you want. You start giggling, and then go up to the target and "beg". It was so cute when we went out for icecream the other night. You went between the two cones...Daddy's and Christian's. They each very willingly shared with you..and you were SO happy! You have started saying "peese" (please) and signing it when you see a treat. You also know "ca-ee" (candy)..ahem....Grandma!

 Behold, this is the sight of you sitting and playing!! It is starting to happen more routinely..and it's so cute to watch. You are so good at stacking and building! Now, its the sharing factor if both you and Christian happen to want to build at the same time. Oh, well...that's just how it goes..and so it does!
You love your brother! He makes you squeal and scream sometimes, but you show love to each other and each time it melts my heart. 

Noah, I hope you know you are loved SO very much. I may make you sound like a handful...and truly, you kind of are sometimes. BUT..I love you just the way you are. You are developing such a fun, loving, and lively personality. I love watching you grow and change. You have lots of energy...and lots of smiles..you bring such joy to our lives!!

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