Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4

We don't know a whole lot usually for the 4th of July. It seems like I work often. 
That was the same again this year. I did pick up just a few fun things for Christian to do on a whim when we were in town. He LOVED it! As in absolutely LOVED it!

The night before we had gone into town for a treat of Sonic shakes while we were going to drive around looking at other people's fireworks. We found a spot that was AMAZING. Christian kept saying, "I think these people just really love us. They just really love us, look at all those pretty fireworks!" They didn't know we were watching..but they sure did give us a front row 20 minute show..that we ALL enjoyed.
 On a sidenote: we won't be getting shakes from Sonic (or anywhere for that matter) and eating them in the car for QUITE some time. After the boys were in bed: I spent the rest of my night removing Noah's car seat and washing it...then cleaning out the van. Sure glad we did baths before we got those shakes..what a time saver..right!?

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