Friday, July 18, 2014

Packing in the Fun

Carissa and her kids came the a week ago. We have spent alot of time at Grandma and Grandpa's house spending time with them. Lots of fun to be had...long days of hard play!

This tricycle was bought at an auction this spring...ALL the kids use it. Noah, is clearly not the right size for it, but that has never stopped him from what he decides to do.

His outfit for the evening...we had a mini birthday celebration for Carissa's birthday.

He's so proud of himself when he gets to do "big kid" stuff. His laugh is just too much :)

Carissa brought the kids over to our house one morning. They did a good job discovering most of the toys in and out of the house. They ate the picnic lunch up in the tree was so sweet.

The rain did not slow anybody down.

Mom put up corn the one day. We went over to help clean it...and everybody helped in eating it!

A bedtime story from Grandpa. They ALL enjoy Grandpa's stories.

Noah going for a "ride" with Grandma on her mower. He loves the chance to go for rides..and he's easier to keep track of if he's sitting on your lap!

Plenty of pool time. Lots of noise, playing, laughter, jumping, and snacks involved with pool time!

The cutest little tractor trailer set. It is so cute how the kids would give rides to one another.

(I followed him out there..I had a feeling this route was going to be a little harder for him to push back to the main "road".)

This is merely a glimpse :)

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