Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mini trip extension

We extended our MN trip by one evening on the way home. We stopped in Minneapolis for the night, got a priceline hotel for $55...which worked out good for what we needed. Christian and Ben went swimming...that was all Christian needed to be claimed as a winner hotel! Prior to getting there, we stopped at Culver's for supper...Noah devoured half of a hamburger and Christian thought his root beer float was something special!

(Crossing the Mississippi River)
Christian thought it was something how we crossed this river...and in the book "Little House on the Prairie" THEY crossed it too! (We're just finishing that book.) His wheels are always spinning. 

The next morning, I had initially thought we could go to both IKEA and the Mall of America before heading back home. Well...they both open at 10...and that was quickly not going to work. We opted for the Mall of America so we could see "Lego World" as Christian calls it. He LOVED it! Noah was very entertained as well with all the people and things to see.

We walked around quite briefly...and before leaving Christian and I went on one ride!
The swings. He was a BIG fan.

We're on the right side...the double blur.

Then we hit the road. It was a very brief "family trip"...but it was special all the same.
The boys both traveled very well for the most part. Noah LOVED on "Baby Jack" for alot of the trip. He is funny.
Christian colored, looked at books, slept, played with Silly Putty, and as we neared the home stretch he watched a DVD on Daddy's laptop.

We were glad for a fun and safe trip!

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