Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Flying through July

This month is going by crazy fast. We've had some beautiful weather. I can't remember a Kansas summer this nice...ever.

One evening we went over to Brent & Alyssa's place to go fishing. It was more for the event, than the actual catching of fish. And we went on a ride to see their property. It was more like an amusement ride...I think most of us were amused by it :)

We don't have a garden this year. Mom and Dad do...so we've picked some things from them!
Christian is a very good helper with snapping beans! I canned some by myself for the first time ever.

He was pretty proud of his tomato/cucumber car he made! 
And I needed proof of his snack...a green pepper dipped in ranch dressing. 

We've had many afternoon spent at Mom and Dad's pool. It is SO very nice to be able to swim here! Noah is out of the pool probably a little bit more than in. He just does his thing..he has very little fear of anything..which is why I don't have many pictures of us enjoying the pool...chasing after him is kind of a priority. Popsicle breaks are a big hit with both Christian and Noah.

We went to Wichita one evening..I told Christian to wear something kind of nice. 
This is his "fancy". Striped shirt, plaid shorts, cowboy boots, side ways belt, and upside down sunglasses.
Very fancy indeed.

An early birthday package from our dear friends the Brokaws. 
The contents in which the boys are displaying. It is safe to say they both LOVE the clothes/shoes!!

 If the hose is on..its usually getting messed with. Christian does NOT like to get his clothes wet. He loves to play with the water, he loves to be IN the water (with a swim suit), but it is game over if his clothes get wet. Particular much?

 A typical scene throughout any given day. Christian LOVES to swing. 
He will swing by himself for a long time. I love to just watch him from the kitchen..something about it is pretty peaceful. And Noah, well...his attention span to any given object is pretty short lived..so he's on the go, all over the yard.

They got new chairs...on our new deck. I love it all!!

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the brokaws said...

yay for the happy "birthday" boys. glad to see the disguise glasses are getting some good use as well. :) funny stuff.