Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas [Sweigart family]

On Saturday, the 28th, we drove back from Topeka in the morning and went straight to Matt & Marissa Alison's wedding in Hesston.
 In late afternoon, we went over to Mom and Dad's...
now EVERYONE was there to begin the Christmas celebration!!

We had soups and appetizers for was really good. We opened our stockings that evening. And then played some "minute-to-win-it" games. Very entertaining to watch. It was mostly for the smaller kids...but there were some for us big ones too! 

Mitch and Brent were shaking the ping pong balls out of a kleenex box that was attached to their lower back. Quite amusing to say the least!

We stayed up and played some games...lots of laughing...oh it always a good "happy high" to laugh so hard I cry!

We all stayed the night.
And in the morning...we had cinnamon rolls, then got ready to open presents.

Good morning buddy! Your hair was exceptionally awesome this Christmas morning!!

We each picked a Christmas song to sing, then Maddox read the Christmas story from the Bible before we opened up gifts upstairs. 
We ate our big Christmas ham dinner...and then moved downstairs for the next events.

The Christmas story acted out with characters...

Then we opened up presents downstairs from Mom and Dad...
we are all spoiled!

We played some RockBand and other various games. Then of course had more food throughout the day.

Grandpa helped Christian put together his brand new bike! He just couldn't wait to ride it...even though it was VERY cold.

All the cousins had fun playing together (I will put pictures of them ALL when I can :) )
Christian was needing a happy chat...probably several of them throughout the day. Lots of excitement and activity doesn't always mean pleasant behavior unfortunately. 
But by the looks of it...Carissa turned his attitude around.

It was a good Christmas indeed! Lots of wonderful gifts..but truly the time spent together was even more special and memorable. Happy Birthday Jesus...I'm so glad you came to this world for us!


Kathleen Carney said...

I have loved following your blog. Have really been so glad to see your home, family and you. I hope you remember your adopted grandma at the Wlk To Emmaus. Kay (kathleen ) Carney , 720 E. 5th kinsley Kansas...

Kathleen Carney said...

i have loved following your blog. Have really been glad to see your home, family and you. I hope you remember your'adoped grandma' at the Wk to Emmaus (kay) kathleen Carney 720 E. 5th # 4 Kinsley Kansas Would love to hear from.