Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas is coming

I "thought" I was going to be prepared for all kinds of things to do prior to Christmas. Well...the thought was nice, but it didn't really happen (there were a in MANY, moments of distraction with the kitchen remodel). Next year. we''ll have a whole new area to use for baking cookies, etc.

Here are a few of the things we DID do though.

We made some goodies for Christian's preschool teachers...salt dough ornaments stamped with their names and some treats to eat, with handmade cards.

We decorated the Christmas tree. This year it was set up downstairs due to the upstairs construction zone. It was minimal decorating..but we had to put up a tree! Noah was particularly fond of the lights..this (putting the bulb in his mouth) was not the normal response to seeing them, but he did like to touch them whenever he got the chance.

Christian put up 90% of the ornaments...he loved it!

Little man sported his "elf" Christian called them. 

Christian painted a popsicle stick snowman ornament.

And this picture is here because...Daddy needed a break with his two little fellas..and they just LOVE their Daddy. Christian looks ill in this picture...he just woke up from a nap...and was in need of some snuggling.

And last...Christian on the night of his Christmas program at church.

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