Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas [2013]

Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas season I am daily reminding myself of the reason for this season.
Reason to be so grateful. Grateful for our Savior. 
Grateful for all we have...our family, our home, our health.

It has been a memorable Christmas.

This is the first Christmas that Christian has really understood why we have Christmas. He reminds whoever will listen about why we have Christmas...that it is because of Jesus, not Santa. He has enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights around town..and one had a Santa in the yard..his response, "Uhhh-ooohh. Oh, no. Mommy, they don't know Jesus. They just have Santa. We better go tell them."
We've had discussions since then, that people can have Santa in their yard and still know Jesus...but that Jesus is just the reason for Christmas...and Santa is a nice man. He has been very enthusiastic about the other parts of celebrating Christmas...singing the songs (he insists on singing more than one verse of Away in A Manger), decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and of course the SNOW! Ever since we said Christmas was going to be Oct or Nov..he said than it HAS to just had to snow in order for Christmas to come. Thankfully, we have had a white Christmas..other wise he would've been so disappointed.

Noah, well, he doesn't understand what Christmas is...but he has sure enjoyed all the lights that are out and about this time of year! In general, he's just into absolutely he makes getting things out and decorated much more difficult ;) 

The most memorable this Christmas is that our house is getting a big fat makeover...a new kitchen/dining room. It has been a process over the last month, and we can see the's getting pretty close really. It has just been many hours of work and many bumps along the way...but it's coming! Ben has worked so hard at this. And this is why when I catch myself getting frustrated that my house is just a complete in, not a single room feels organized...I tell myself how good I have it. And we do, we have it so kitchen or not, we have two precious little boys and a warm home, and most of all the gift of JESUS.

So despite the fact that my Christmas cards literally just arrived as I'm typing this (hence they did NOT get out before Christmas)...I hope you HAD yourself a Merry little Christmas...and you took time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

One of these days..I will update this with pictures and give a full before/during/after of the kitchen (and that was never done either).

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