Monday, December 16, 2013

Christian Christmas Program

The 2-5 year olds sang several songs and there were about 6 different speaking parts (one of them was Christian) prior to the big kids church play. It just so happened that the very cute little 2 year old was standing right in front of him with some very spunky and cute pigtails. Christian just couldn't resist the temptation to play with them, hold on to them, fiddle with them, the ENTIRE time he was up there. He would stop, then he reach out to touch them...pause a brief moment, then go ahead and hold on to them...but never to pull them. She obviously noticed, and turned around a couple times to give a look..and say "no"..but really was a very good sport about the whole thing. He did sing the songs, but not nearly as lively as he sings them at home..he was just so distracted. He said his part very clear and good.."the star in the sky, shone ever so bright..when Jesus was born on that blessed night!"

Afterwards, I asked why he was touching Sage's hair so much. He said very innocently, "well, it was in front of me and I wanted to touch it. I thought I could make her hair lay down." He had no idea that everyone had been laughing at him. 

I was maybe a little distracted with watching my own child...but I know they were all so cute up there...and did so good.

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