Saturday, December 21, 2013

Double Digits

Happy Birthday Maddox!
Ten years old...and getting SO tall.
I really think he will pass me in height in the very near is this possible.
He is such a bright, funny, sensitive, inquisitive boy...that can also sing and act (he was Kermit the frog in their school play the Muppets Christmas this year!).

We celebrated on the 20th...with pizza, presents, and cake!

Christian and Uncle Brent...if ever asked about Brent...he will tell you, "He kind of likes to tickle me...alot. Sometimes I tell him, 'cut - it - out Brwent.'" He will also listen to him for whatever reason at meal in, somehow he gets him to try food or eat his food..not complaining, just wish it worked for me!

Ava reading to Christian before we left for the night. She is such a good reader...they're all getting so big and grown up! Ahh.

We love you Maddox, hard to believe you are already in the double digits!

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