Thursday, November 8, 2012

You seem so BIG!

It seems like you grew up overnight!

You now seem so much heavier physically...even though you are still only 29 lbs.

Its not surprise that you like to talk, but your vocabulary is becoming much more adult-like everyday. We are very aware of how we sound, because you repeat almost EVERYTHING we say at some point.

For several days after Noah was born, you were in opposite mode in a big way! You were contradicting EVERYTHING. Luckily, it has since been more of a rarity that you do this.

You like to know why things happen the way they do...or what happens if you do any given action...the question we OFTEN hear these days is, "Well...what will happen? But, what will happen?"

You are very keen on details...whether it be to direction and where we are going in the car, or brand names of items, or a new song on the radio, or a conversation someone THOUGHT they were having only through the phone. You don't really let anything slide. If your ears are anywhere around..consider it to be known to you!

You have started sounding out words on your own. "Ball, makes the ba sound??" Is this normal...probably so, but it makes me feel like you are getting so big, so FAST!

Here are a list of your phrases:
"Well, actually...."
"These trains are making me so nervous (or "frus-traa-ted")." (if they aren't hooking up just the way you want them to)
"Ask me _____." (You map out how a conversation should go and tell us what to ask you sometimes.)
"I dooo de-clare!!" (said just like a southerner!)
"Ya don't say?!?" followed by "I most certainly DO say!" (you are truly a goofball when you say this)
"I need three ____ because I am three years old." (and always after say, "just ONE more.")
"meu-gix" = music
"hobstible" = hospital 
"con-struck-quen" = construction

You always take a shower with Daddy in the evening, then come to find me with your towel on. Lately, I've been feeding Noah when you do you climb up on my lap with him and try and snuggle with us. We read roughly 3 books before bed (if you have it your way...we read as many as you can get out of us!) Daddy usually tucks you in at night...and you "give some sugar" (hug and kiss) before you lay down. 

You have become QUITE the listener of stories. The best story-teller is Grandpa! This was the beginning of MANY stories since. It is hilarious to watch. You ask, "then what happened next?" at very appropriate times...but VERY often! And whoever tells you a story, better make it true...because you don't forget what its about!! 

You are entertaining to watch play. 
You love to hook things up, and if it doesn't have a find a string and somehow make it work!
Your favorite things to play with lately are; blocks, trains/train tracks, cars (especially the Disney Cars characters), playing catch with a ball, and in the dirt outside when its still nice outside!
You LOVE to be read to...your Daddy reads Green Eggs & Ham to you almost everyday, except its in Spanish...and you definitely know how the book goes. It is quite comical to hear you recite it. "No me guste Juan Ramon!"

Oh Christian...since when are you not my little baby??!!? 
You will always be my my heart :)
But lately, I've realized how big and grown up you are. You daily amaze me...I love you.

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the brokaws said...

i love these little glimpses into the life and times of christian! I remember thinking luke was gigantic when we came home from the hospital with tessa, too. and it must be a little boy thing to hook everything together...luke is constantly asking me to "hitch" things up for him as well!