Friday, November 2, 2012


At the end of last school year, Ben had gotten a coupon for a family admission to Tanganyika. 
He's been wanting to use it, and I thought during this week he got off for Noah's birth we should go. 

We ate at Freddy's first (Noah's first time!), and then we went to find some animals.
It was crazy warm and windy for being Nov 2nd..I think it got to 83 degrees.

The kangaroos were Christian's favorite. They were pretty lazy and many of them had joeys in their pouch.

They touched all the animals we saw.

And he maybe even kissed this rabbit...oh boy.

These lemurs were not my favorite...they were overly friendly for my liking. There were a couple on my head shortly before this picture. 

The lorikeets were pretty, but they were also smart. If you didn't have food, they didn't want anything to do with you. Christian was trying to let them land on his finger.

Then a man that was really excited about being there held out Christian's arm. He had been giving the birds they thought he had more.

Noah's one week old!

Back to the kangaroos before we left...Christian loved them!!! And the joey was napping.

After we got to the car, Noah was Ben and Christian went back in and got to feed the giraffes! That was a HUGE highlight for the both of them :)

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