Friday, November 9, 2012


Christian is quite the big brother. 

At first, Christian didn't really want much to do with Noah...just not interested. Since, day by day he has become much more familiar and comfortable with the idea that his baby brother is really part of our family!

During the first several days, he would just look at him when we were holding him at random times and say, "oooh, poor you." (in the most sincere voice)

He is a big helper when it comes to changing a diaper. He RUNS to Noah's room to get a diaper, and gets quite emphatic "I think Noah pooped, I better go get a diaper!"

In the morning, he will come to our room to say good morning. Then say, "where's Noah?" "Oh good morning Noah." If Noah is sleeping he will peek over at him, and say, "Noah, its morning time, wake up. Its not good night time, its wake up time!"

He doesn't seem to bothered by his crying. 
During the day if he's crying, he'll look at him and say one of several things, "I think he's hungry"...."Ohhh, it's alright Noah, we're right here...we didn't leave you"...."You're alright Noah. It's're're okay Noah"...."No-ey...poor No-ey (I have no idea where he came up with this "nickname"...believe me I've tried correcting him!!)
At night..Christian has yet to wake up from hearing his baby brother crying..and it's not that it isn't happening :) We're quite thankful he has that sound tuned out! When Carissa asked Christian if he hears Noah at night, his response was so matter-a-fact, "he sleeps at night, it is night time." Of course he does!

Usually several times a day, he will randomly ask if he can hold Noah. It lasts for about 3 seconds and then he's done...unless it is around his bedtime, then for some reason he thinks he needs to hold him for quite awhile. I think he has found yet another way to procrastinate going to bed!

Christian you make a wonderful big brother...
Noah, I'm sure you will have MUCH to learn in the months and years to come!

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