Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012


We have so much to be thankful for...we are truly blessed, and I am SO very grateful.

We started out trying to take a family picture. This is one...there were many good ones (perhaps on a future Christmas card!) It was pretty windy, but warm.

Then we went to Brent & Alyssa's house to enjoy the feast! Alyssa made ALOT of really good food. 

The weather was ridiculously in the 70's and NO wind! I'm not really just was hard to believe it was felt more like Memorial Day. So the kids, both small and big (after watching football) enjoyed the afternoon outdoors.

Noah's first Thanksgiving...he spent a large portion of it like this!

They entertained themselves outside with various activities...they made up there own treasure hunt. Ava was reading the "treasure" to Christian.

Kade with Gingerbread Fred and Christian enjoying their dessert outside. 

Then we played some football...this was amusing!

The wind picked up, and it cooled off quite a bit. We went in for MORE food...and then called it a day!
Very thankful for our families...we didn't attempt to do two Thanksgiving celebrations in one day..but we're thankful for the Hershberger family as well!

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