Sunday, November 4, 2012

One week old

Its hard to believe you are one week old already. 
You weighed 6# 4 oz on Friday, you were a little under 6# when we left the hospital.
Your newborn clothes are still too big for you, and you still enjoy curling up your little legs. 
You are eating pretty much every 2-2 1/2 hours around the clock, maybe even more often than that at night. Thankfully, you are a good eater though!
You don't fuss too much..and have just a little baby cry...except when we change your diaper, than you really go all out and hold your breath.
You've gone on your first outing, to the wildlife park near Wichita...and to Freddy's of course!
You like your baths, and you love to be held.
We love you little Noah!

[2 days old]

[7 days old] @ Tanganyika Wildlife Park

[8 days old]

[9 days old]
Your big brother thought it was pretty special to make a heart shaped track..and stick you inside.
I think he doesn't mind playing trains with you don't really seem to bother them too much.

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