Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Christian's 7th Birthday

We had one more pre-birthday celebration with Ben's family when they came over to celebrate Grandpa John's birthday. He had a birthday mid July...and so they both were celebrated together. 

I just loved his face..he was excited about his art kit, legos and suction bow/arrow set.

Grandpa H had his lap full...they love to do coloring/art, and he is a perfect fit for that!!

The next day, Christian had to try out the bow/arrow set. They went to the hardware store to buy a scrap piece of plastic-y stuff to use as the target!

August 2nd!!! 
Officially SEVEN years old...
first thing in the morning, we led him outside to one of his birthday presents from us!

And then he opened his present from Noah and Jonah...
another lego set!

That evening we went to Mom and Dad's for supper...
hotdogs, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, apple salad (a random assortment of requests!),
and some form of ice cream dessert for his birthday meal to be complete!!!

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAY Christian! 
That's alot of happy's. You are such a special 7 year old boy, and we LOVE you SO very much!!

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