Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Noah [First Year of Preschool]

We decided just a couple weeks ago that it would be a good idea for Noah to go to preschool...IF they had an opening. I emailed, and a spot had opened up..so it was meant to be!
He was pretty excited AND nervous to go to preschool "like Christian did!"

On the morning of his first day, he said, "Is today the day I get to go!?!?!?"
Yes it is!
"Okay!! I'm not gonna be shy, I'm not gonna be shyyyyyy (in his little nervous giggle)."

 He was so excited, he was just giddy.
I really could've seen this initial drop off MUCH different..as in the complete opposite! It just makes me feel like this really was a good idea to send him this year :)

And a couple weeks later, when his NEW book bag came from Grandma..
another EXCITED boy :) 

So proud of you Noah...you are so brave and smart! 
I hope you have a blast in preschool this year and make some new friends :)

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