Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School

The school year is beginning...
Christian is starting Kindergarten and Ben starts teaching Spanish at Hesston High.

I thought I'd make a fun day of back to school shopping with Christian. Originally, when I suggested this, his answer was politely, "Oh, you can get my things Mommy." When I was explaining that it meant he can pick out the things on the list, and then we could get a couple new shirts. He again made it sound like a favor he was giving me, "Yeah! You can pick those out for me." I didn't want to force it, but he did decide on his own that it might be alright to go. I'm glad, because we had a fun day, complete with a stop at the toy store...
"I just can't believe there are ONLY toys in here! This is amazing!!" And the 'Perplexus' that he picked out from the toy store, has proven to be a good choice.

(At Old Chicago...where he got his meal WITH a root beer! Oh man...he was living large.)

 We visited Ben's classroom prior to school starting.

My handsome fellas on their first day of school.

And Noah gets to go to Sunday School for the first time this year...
and is lovely teacher assistant just so happens to be Grandma!

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