Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jonah [9 & 10 months]

we have had quite the summer.
Last month when you turned 9 months old, we were in Colorado for a family vacation.
So we'll recap the last two months.

You take the bottle while I'm at work better, but you're not the best eater/drinker when I'm gone (this has improved this last month).
Regardless, you seem to think you are "SOOO BIG!"
Some of the foods you do like are Cheerios, yogurt melts, most baby food fruits, and an assortment of table food.

You didn't spend too much of your time outside in July, just because unless you were in the pool, there isn't a whole lot to do. However, you do enjoy the pool! And you worked on those top two teeth for quite some time...they finally poked through the end of July/early August.

You are on the move. I can have all kinds of baby toys for you to play with..but you would much rather find little pieces of paper, or toys that are not for you, or something to climb against. You my dear, are not to be trusted..even in a "baby-proof" environment. The day after you turned 8 months..you climbed out of your crib, that was an obvious first clue that you are good at what you do! And now, you enjoy standing with help, and walking with our fingers. I'm not ready for you to WALK?!? You're still my baby!

 Any chance that you see given...you make a dash for these stairs. We have been moving the entire couch to block off the bottom part of the stairs, and have since used a soft chair side ways. I'm sure its a matter of time before you figure out how to climb over that. You will turn around frequently to check if I'm there, and flash a big smile showing you are so proud at what you can do!

This too has been put away, since you like to climb on it..and then make a nose dive off the sides. Silly boy. Not too worry, Noah waited for the "all clear" to be given before riding down the rollercoaster. He is especially funny telling you what to do or stay away from. "Joooo-nah, no no!!!"

Speaking of Noah, you and he are kind of pals. He likes it when you climb all over him, pull on his glasses, and in general play with him. And you can smile and laugh at both of your brothers quite a bit. You like to watch and chase after whatever it is they are doing.

You are in general, a very happy baby. The main thing has been your teeth, and I think that's pretty typical. You hang in there if you don't get a morning nap. At bedtime, when you've officially had enough, the final straw is when you see me after your bath. Then, you let everybody know you mean business about getting your milk and heading to bed!

In Colorado, a couple days after turning 9 months. You did very well on the trip, both traveling and while we were out there. Lots of family to love on you!

Handsome fella, you now have 4 teeth (2 on top, 2 on bottom). Your hair is light brown, your eyes are light blue/grey, you wear size 9-12 months. At your 9 month appt you weighed 18 lb 8 oz, which is just a couple ounces more than what you weighed a couple months ago, so we will recheck that this month. You are a healthy boy, with lots and lots of smiles.

You know your family. You show your love by reaching to be held, and sometimes eagerly open mouth kissing my face. You've recently started waving 'bye-bye' and 'good-night'. And you love it when we try to blow kisses to you. You are ticklish, and love "round and round the garden".

Lately, you have been finding me wherever I may be...and you climb up my legs and stand against me. You are irresistible :) I just wish I had a couple more arms! I'm glad you are a fan of me...I'm a fan of yours as well :)

You a like a race car getting to the dishwasher when it opens now. Although, I appreciate the effort, your help makes my work a little harder to do!

You take a nap every afternoon. Sometimes its an hour, every now and then you sleep up to 2 hours or a bit more. Your morning nap is hit or miss. It depends how cooperative Noah is at leaving you alone to lay down (that stinker is LOUD and comes in your room to check on your sleeping status prior to you falling asleep). You are a beautiful little baby. 

And sometimes, you decide that sleeping isn't in your best interest...so you stay up past your normal bedtime to play by yourself. You are getting very good at throwing balls. You like to play catch when I roll the ball to you, and you throw it back at me.

 This picture just makes me laugh...
 it didn't take but a couple seconds for you to come charging at me in your true crawl like fashion.

Jonah Timothy, we love you like crazy.
You are a go-getter, climbing, crawling, happy little guy. 

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Julie Birky said...

Such a cutie! That roller coaster looks like a ton of fun.