Thursday, February 12, 2015

Noah [update]

Noah, my are quite the little guy.
Every single day, you make me laugh.
In the last several months you have grown so much developmentally..I want to remember these moments as you learn and do new things.

You march to the beat of your own drum.
You can find the most interesting positions and places to relax in.

You are my little glasses wearing super hero.
You wear them like a champ. You want them on..hence, you obviously need them.
Most everywhere we go, at least SOMEBODY (if not many people) will comment on them, and how handsome you look. It doesn't faze have no idea why they come up and talk to you..but I suppose its nice they are being nice.

"Gasses on, Mommy." 
This was first thing in the morning (I know your hair doesn't give that away at all!!) 
 You will also ask for them to be cleaned (especially after eating)..."keen dem, Mommy."

Occasionally, they serve as a toy.
"Peek-boo, Mommy!!" 
You always look so proud and happy when you know you're being silly.

You love puzzles.
You need some assistance, but you really do a good job at them...and they can keep you occupied for quite some time. Your favorite part is as SOON as its done you say, "wreck it up!!!!" and you wait to see if I'll help you take it apart quickly.

You love your brother a whole whole bunch.
You will often come up to him, "hold, Jonah??" "HUG Jonah (said like an old man)." or just the good old, "Heeeeyyyyy Jonah. Heeeeyyy." Very seldom do you cross the line, but it does happen, when you say, "pat, Jonah" and start patting his belly...when its gentle its sweet, but sometimes its like you check to see how far you can take it before he would get upset with you. You have also decided he makes good terrain for your trucks/tractors (as in..on his face)...this gets nixed very quickly!

You do love your Papa (as the shirt depicts)..and you love to color. 
You prefer "painting" which is really using markers, but will settle on crayons if you have to. You are a natural at holding the crayon AND at trying to stay in the is interesting to you just know what to do without ever being told. 

You love to be outside. 
"Shoes on. Jack-et on, Mommy. OUTSIDE. Yeah, outside Mommy!! Outsiiiiiiide!!!!"
You know the routine of going outside and it is so exciting :) 
You started out very cautious on the trampoline, and now its almost a complete need a little more fear of it!

We went to the arboretum...and oh, how you LOVED the "fishies". 
You would giggle and giggle at them. I absolutely love your laugh.

On a walk, we stopped at the playground. 
You are strong, you would not let go..."fall Daddy...falllll."

 You recently got a hair cut. 
Daddy does not want me to cut it short (he calls your hair beautiful), but the back was just getting out of control long. He approved of are just a handsome little fella!

"Crazy hair" like this in the bathtub too.

Look at you!
When Christian is at preschool, or you have the chance to play by play and play and play (all toys are free game I guess!).
You like books, you can look at them by yourself for quite some time. You also enjoy being read to..."wet-a-one" (another one) is said VERY often.
I love how you cross your legs. 
You love babies.
We know how much you love Jonah. But you love baby dolls and other little babies/children as well!
The other day, you were at Grandma's house tending to all her baby dolls..and needed to bring this one along with us to pick up Christian from preschool. You take your care taking very serious. That evening, we had church and you were taking care of all the dolls in the nursery there too! You enjoy giving the kids the same size as you or smaller hugs (sometimes welcomed, often times the receiving party is pretty skeptical). You're just a little love bug!
In the middle of the night this same night, you woke up crying...hard. We could not figure out what you wanted, and finally I brought you out to the kitchen so you wouldn't wake up Christian. I asked you, "WHAT?? What do you want Noah?" And finally you said, "Baby." we found Baby Jack, and back to bed you went..completely satisfied. My, my, my.

And lastly..this is very exciting!! 
You have started using the potty chair. Whoo-hoo!!
You did it for the first time before your bath, and you seemed quite impressed with our reaction :) 
You seem to be getting the hang of it. You go...then immediately stand up and say, "A little bit!!! A little bit!!! Dump it out!" You hardly can contain the excitement :)
I will be okay when all your bathroom needs can be taken care of in there. But you will get there. You usually inform us by saying, "Change me....lllluuuuuccck (yuck)!" The other day, Daddy said, "Phhew, something stinks" and you promptly said matter of fact, "me!" It was true.

Other things you say or do.....
*You frequently use the terms "Yep" and "Nope"....very appropriately, but sometimes how you say it so serious and nonchalant, it cracks me up

*You sometimes say my name a hundred times a day. Take for instance, "Hold you, Mommy (you want me to hold you). Ok, Mommy (when I go to pick you up). Cozy, Mommy (laying your head on my shoulder when I pick you up). Blankie, Mommy (now needing your blanket to complete the cozy feeling). Ok, Mommy. (when I go to get his blanket)." Everything either starts or ends, or sometimes both, with my name. I know this phase will end all to quickly, so when you do it...I have to smile..because it is almost like music to my ears. Maybe its because I was nearly the last name you decided to say when you started talking :)

*"Fragile, Mommy." You call things fragile..even when they aren't...and it is so funny how you say it. You'll hand me a toy truck or even Play-Doh (which you call may-doh), and deem it "fragile" I say, "oh, is this fragile?" "Yep, Mommy. Fragile." (pause) Then you add "super, fragile." 
My favorite is when it really is something a decoration at Grandma's house..and I say, "be careful, don't touch it." And you say in your old man way, with a sorta mumble, "Fragile, super fragile." and you may add in there a "gentle" while you go ahead and touch it anyway.

*You and Christian can be each others biggest pest! Oh my, you truly are in brother mode...where you can push each others buttons like crazy. You will yell out (Christian, in various sounding ways), 
"Shis-chen!!!! Shish-en do it! No, Shis--chen." And then you change your voice to a lower sound, "Shish-ennnnnn".
On the flip is my very favorite, when you guys are each others friend....and you can play and giggle and carry on like you can't get enough of each other! (Those times are less often than the other, but at least I know there is hope for the future!)

*You started saying phrases and words in Spanish, and it is hilarious. You ask for your milk at bedtime in spanish "Leche, por favor, Daddy." You ask for your pants to be taken off before you lay down for your nap, "Pante-lo-nes off." (I was pretty proud for teaching you is a fun word to say) "Te Amo" (I love you). 

You are so fun-loving, spunky, yet oh-so cuddly (especially when you first get up). 
We love you so much Noah.

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