Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day....LOVE-LY day.

it can be shown, and felt, in so many different ways.

Valentine's day itself has never been much of a "romantic" holiday in our house. Ben is a bit of a Valentine scrooge...self-proclaimed. Nevertheless, we ALL enjoyed doing some things to be a bit festive in the name of love :)

I had a couple eager helpers to make, decorate, and EAT some cookies.

We made some hearts.
Christian enjoyed cutting them out, and then tape them to string.
We had "mail" everyday in the special mailboxes. I didn't intend on hiding the fact that I put the things in the mail, but both Christian and Noah would so eagerly ask if the "mailman" had come yet.
And, we painted heart footprints with "Love is true"...which was Christian's choice. I put Love is...and asked what to put. At first he wanted great, and several days later, right before I was going to paint the words, he said "no...Love is true."
Sometimes, it amazes me what he comes up with, it can be so deep.

Christian wrote out the names to all his valentine's in preschool..and we added some heart shaped fruit snacks. He chose his outfit for Valentine's Day...I had to hold back laughing when I said he could pick out something to wear for Valentines, and he said right away, "I KNOW! I will wear my black sweater, and black pants, and my fancy black shoes!!!" 
Oh my goodness, you do melt my heart somedays.

This little handsome valentine can have such a sweet, giving spirit...
I had taken him with me to pick out his valentine treats and cards, and when I asked what he wanted to get the people at school he said, "Well, I know what I can get Ms. Larisa. I want to get her a dress!"
I told him, "That would be such a nice thing to get her...I'm sure she would love that! But maybe we will give her what we give the other kids."

Late one evening, Noah helped me make some cupcakes (I had a red velvet cake mix for some reason in the cupboard...great time to use it up!). And oh my gracious...I made a mocha frosting that was SOOOOO good. I probably ate WAY too many cupcakes because of that frosting.

My little loves...
Christian was giggling so much, because Jonah kept touching his face and hair "tickling" him.

Oh how I love them. To pieces.

This year on Valentines, Grandma and Grandpa H. were here with us. 
They came down on Friday evening, stayed the night, and left late morning on Saturday.
The boys were quite happy to get to play with them.
Bubbles, bricks, puzzles, books, and cars!

It was so funny...Noah was referring to Grandpa H. as just "H"...said in only Noah fashion. Oh, it was cracking me up. He later put the Grandpa in front of it..but he can say things SO funny. It's said short, and kind of serious, and kind of like he's trying to talk with a low voice.

After naps, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
The matching valentine panda's..complete with matching hands in their mouths..showed Grandma some love.

For supper, we were invited to Mitch's...
what a surprise, and special treat it was.

(Noah's face is reflecting the guilt of both 'trying to see how close he could get to Jonah's face with his hand and pull it away' and also "booty bumping" on the bed, as though it was a trampoline.

Brothers, having a friendly game of shuffleboard. 
Ages 2 and 5...going on 22 and 25.

It was a really good Valentine's Day.
It truly was a lovely day, that was spent with some lovely people.

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