Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jonah [4 months]

Jonah, my baby are four months old!
These days, weeks, and now months are going by so quickly.
You are just as sweet as ever, my dear.

You are filling out quite nicely, making your cheeks oh so kissable!
At 3 1/2 months, you had a check up and weighed 15 lbs (57%), and 25 3/4 inches (67%).

You share your smiles with us so often. Your eyes "smile" about as much as your mouth.
We all like to talk to you, and that almost guarantees a happy reaction. 
Christian will often say something along the lines of, "Jonah...its big brother. Hi Jonah, how are you doing today?" (spoke with a higher than normal voice)
Noah's rendition goes something like this, "Heeeey Jonah, heeey! Hold Jonah, (a second later of me holding Jonah near him), 'heby' (heavy), take Jonah Mommy."

Christian does not often hold you, but there are moments when he asks to...and his true big brother affection is so sweet.

A few weeks ago, you decided to start pulling your hair was a good idea? You went from having quite a full head to needing to wear hats due to the lack of hair, and to protect your head from scratches. 
Silly baby...your hair is pretty...let's keep it, okay!?

You suck your thumb, usually your right one (but will use the left one in a pinch) when you go to sleep. You have also increased your drool production this month...quite the drippy little mouth you have!

You like to be around your mama...and I around you!
You are usually content laying on a blanket or on the activity mat, but some days you just need to have me in your sight. You don't mind sitting in your "throne" for a bit while I work in the kitchen..but you are not shy about letting me know when you're done.

You don't mind being on your can lift up, and look like such a big boy! You don't roll over as a rule, you have from your tummy to back, and almost hoist yourself over from back to tummy..but not quite yet. However, you sure do enjoy standing on our think you're pretty big stuff!

You were such a sweet valentine....
your FIRST valentine's day!

Look how big you look in your car seat!! Goodness.
Unlike both your brothers, you don't mind your car seat as a even fall asleep without a squawk from time to time!

You truly light up your face when you smile.
You enjoy to be talked to and you're ticklish too. I love your little giggle..I cannot help but to laugh when I hear it.

You are the cutest little monkey. At this stage, its so hard to think of you climbing on furniture, or getting around like a monkey...but just knowing how your brothers are, it will come all to soon!

And lastly, you have learned to thoroughly enjoy talking to us...ALOT!
It is kind of a growl/moan...but not a growl in the unhappy sort of way. Frequently, you chose as you drift off to sleep as a good time for you to begin story time. It is very entertaining..however, the volume is just a touch too loud when you decide to do this in the middle of the night. You really don't cry at night, but you will's hard to be too bent out of shape about it, because you are not unhappy at are just wanting your voice to be heard, and it's usually done with the most content little face ever. I would just be that much more eager to listen to you perhaps during the daytime!

We all love you. Noah's love for you is so sweet to watch...he is so forward. He gets so close to you, perhaps too close sometimes...but you don't seem to mind. 

So it is Jonah, at four months old..
you are a happy little guy, with lots of smile, drool and 'talking' for us to enjoy.
You have just now outgrown your 3 month things, and are wearing mostly 3-6 month onesies and 6 months sleepers. You wear size 2 diapers. Growing, growing...always a little sad to put away the outgrown clothes and pull out the bigger ones, but at the same time I'm glad you are growing and healthy!

As always, we love you so much Jonah Timothy!!

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