Friday, February 13, 2015


For Christmas, we (the boys) got a trampoline from Grandpa & Grandma. Oh my. 
Over the past couple weeks we've had some unusually warm days. The first thing we did, was put up the trampoline.
There were a couple very eager helpers/jumpers.

This picture is hilarious...

By the following afternoon, it was ready to jump on.
Noah was very cautious, did not like to be bounced or moved at all! Christian on the other hand, was beyond excited! It was pretty sweet how Christian would try and help Noah get used to it. He could hardly stand having to take it easy while Noah was on there with I let him have his own turn and he had a blast :)

Grandpa had to come over and try it out with them.

It didn't take Noah to get familiar with the idea of tumbling around on would probably be okay if he had a bit more fear of getting injured. He now does "booty bumps" inside the house on the floor...

So much fun...and much more fun ahead! 
Thank you Grandpa and Grandma :)

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