Monday, September 29, 2014

Coming along

Seems hard to believe I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow.
Time is flying, especially the last several weeks. 

We are all excited about baby brother.
I'm actually maybe a little nervous how passionate Noah seems to get around babies. I guess the little fella won't know it any other way and will just be loved on..hopefully somewhat gently.

(32 weeks)

My view looking down :)

(33.2 weeks)

Ben was carrying in a watermelon at Mom and Dad's and said something to the effect of "there's no way you're as big as a watermelon" he stuck it in his shirt to compare. :) What a goof.

(33.3 weeks)

I've been working on a blanket/quilt for the little man. It's done now!
This was the layout.

I've been getting odds and ends around...getting his room somewhat ready...
this is my "helper" while Christian is at preschool and I'm trying to do these things. When I get things out to put away, he will decide if it is worthy of staying in the place I just placed it. Not maybe the most helpful person to have around when trying to organize. :)

As excited as I am to meet you...hold you...and love on you...
I am okay with you cooking in there a little bit longer!

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