Saturday, September 20, 2014

My baby's not a baby

Oh Noah. You have just grown up so much in the last couple months.
It is becoming very clear to me, you are not a baby anymore!! (However, you will always be MY baby...just as your brother(s) will be!)

You have transitioned from the crib to the lower bed of the bunk beds in what was "Christian's" room..
but is now "Christian and Noah's" room.
You have it all figured out. You lay down, ask for your "bankies" (blankies), wave up at "Trishen" (Christian) to say goodnight, ask for your "moke" (milk)..and that's it! You also are fine with helping yourself out of bed instead of crying out as you did in your crib. So now if you wake up, I have a smiley little boy staring at me in bed :) It's kind of alarming...but you usually go back down alright.

(Sept 19...the first night you slept all night in your big boy bed!)

Your vocabulary is on a high speed learning curve right now. You have also shown clear signs that your year as a two year old is nearing...quite the stinker you are my dear!
You are still my baby for a little bit longer...I love you lots Noah!!

 (32 weeks with baby #3 and big brother Noah!)

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