Sunday, September 14, 2014

Camp Out

One of the things we had on our "summer checklist" was a campout. 
It was a perfect evening, so we decided to go for it. 

While Ben and the boys were setting up the tent and getting the fire going, I got some food around.

I'm not really sure what it was that I went outside to check on, but I managed to COMPLETELY forget that I had popcorn on the stove. (Here I thought I was so ahead of the evening's events...and was going to make a bowl of popcorn to have in the tent! HA!) 
I had just placed it on the stove, left the burner on high...and came back to a disgustingly smoke invaded - severely charred popcorn popper - thank the Lord it did not catch on fire - house.

So, instead of really "enjoying" the campfire part of things I was cleaning up the kitchen, opening up all the windows in the house, lighting any candle I could find....trying to get the smell of not even burnt popcorn, but smoke/fire smell out of our house. I ended up taking down the curtains in the kitchen/dining/living room and washing them. It was just not ideal.

 HOWEVER....I'm happy to report that the campfire and campout was well underway. Christian had some minor attitude adjustments to make as seen in some of the pictures...but overall, it was a success.

A good campfire is not complete without marshmallows and/or s'mores. This makes for two very happy boys. Christian was proud to roast them for whoever would eat them, but in the end he decided he just wanted plain marshmallows.

After baths, Noah and I joined Ben and Christian in the tent for the story and Bible story.
To put it mildy...Noah was out of control in the tent. I'm not sure what it was about being in a smallish, confined space...but he was literally bouncing ALL over the place! It was safe to assume, he was not going to attempt to sleep out there. I think the neighborhood would thank us for that decision.

Christian and Ben stayed out all night. 
It was pretty cute how proud he was that he stayed out all night long!

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the brokaws said...

this is precious. and i love the headlamp. and sorry about the popcorn fiasco. and i totally understand the bouncing off the walls...apparently all three of my kids are having issues with that lately. :)