Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitchen [part two]

11.29.13: The day after Thanksgiving. In the morning, Ben's family came over for breakfast and they stayed to visit/play with the boys. In the afternoon, the boys went to my parents to take naps. While I laid them down, Ben tore out the carpet in the living room and hallway.

I came home and this is what it looked like.

It took quite a bit of time to tear out parts of the underlayment and remove LOTS of staples!!! Sweep, pull up more staples...sweep, pull up more staples...YIKES, it gave my hands a workout!

We were going to see what we could do following supper as far as laying the new flooring, while the boys were at home. BUT...Grandpa and Grandma kept them overnight...and we could work uninterrupted and noisily. It was MUCH more productive. We took advantage of getting to work like this, and kept going until our bodies cried "uncle".

I did an hourly progress picture starting at 10:30...


12:40...doesn't look like much progress...but if you look closely this was taken right before we figured out how to get that final piece of the hallway to fit in there. This was the point in which it was DEFINITELY good the boys weren't home...all kinds of noise and awkward positions of crowbars and feet.

1:55...the rate of progress is slowly down.
I would lay out the pieces ahead...and Ben would cut the end piece...we would click it in...pound it down with the rubber mallet...and repeat the process. Up, down, up, down...oh I felt the burn the next day :)

3:00...can't do it

The final picture of the night..I'd say we made good use of our time.
We finished the rest in the morning/early afternoon, prior to Ben leaving for KC for the Chiefs/Broncos game.

Again...feeling like this is really happening...what a big difference the floor makes!

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