Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Shortly after Noah turned one..he said his first word, "GO".
I should've known he was trying to let us know something very important by choosing this to be his first word. Not mama, not daddy, not ball...or whatever else.

Does he ever!
He definitely "allows" me to give him my attention the majority of the time :) And if I chose to do otherwise...that's when the following take place!

He has claimed this stool as his own.

Next up, the dresser drawers. He is not particular upon whose clothes he removes...
it is as if he is a machine, flinging clothes out..just as satisfied as can be :)

Moving on to the next climb-able item..the chairs. Any way that we try to arrange them so that is it more difficult for him to access them...he manages to get in there, move it out, scoot it around...then shimmy on up there with PRIDE :)

Even things that aren't going to really get him places...such as the high chair tray...he tries to climb that too.

The closet...any closet really...he thinks it's great fun to go in there, try to hide...
and then laugh so hard when he knows we see him. (It really is a fun game to play! His laugh is just priceless.)

Now this one, I admit, I should've probably intervened prior to taking the picture (he didn't get hurt, but he wasn't very happy about getting stuck)...but I seriously didn't think he would try/could fit back there. This is now covered...but it is what is underneath the backing of the cabinets facing the dining room. He wanted to smash himself in between the back of the lazy susan and the wall. 
Not comfortable Noah...that was not a good idea.

I believe this was one of the first times he realized he could just climb on up if it was made just for him! Such a nice toy for a one year old :)

Chairs of all sizes, the smaller the easier...and of course makes getting to other things more accessible. The desk next to him in the picture frequently gets stood on.

This was when the stool previously pictured was removed. When he stood on the side bar (not the actual step) to use as an extra boost to climb on top of the COUNTERTOP. 

This blue stool belongs in the bathroom...another stool in which is very fond of.

The bathroom are very enticing to him...the toilets, the toilet paper, the bath tub, the sink...and any drawer that he can get his paws on. No fear if it's dark...even better, he can be more stealth like.

He's liking Christian's dump makes quite the fancy recliner..and racing vehicle when Christian pushes him around!

Other places in which you find great pleasure being curious in...the laundry room (the sink and washing machine in particular), the kitchen (all the drawers that do not have child proof openers...have most definitely been opened), Christian's book case (you stand on his bed and then leeeaann over to get whatever is on top of his bookcase...often ending in a topple onto the bookcase itself), on top of the train table, in the get the name've got it covered. Let no space be unfamiliar for you my boy.

Ahhhh, but then.....there's this.
A precious sleeping baby.
See, you are innocent.

Noah, I love you.
I love your laugh and that being curious makes you happy.
You are a very spunky little guy, with lots of ambition...I am sure you will GO places in life...GO big places! 

So you and your ornery little ways may consume most of my day...
but you know what, 
that's okay.
I love you. I will keep chasing after you...and probably never being too surprised with what you have found or gotten in to. You're my little mess...the most beautiful mess.

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the brokaws said...

So precious! and exasperating at times, I'm sure! :) Hudson has started to scoot now, so I'm sure my days of this are coming soon!