Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitchen [part four]

12.18.13 Ben worked on removing the "old kitchen" plumbing...not a smooth process. Then after supper (thank you Mom), we took out the old cabinets.

This window/wall area will be a door eventually...that is where the kitchen sink WAS. 

Later in the evening Dad came over to install the microwave and go over some electrical stuff. There were necessary changes that were going to have to be made. I think know by this point we were getting probably both physically and emotionally drained. A bummer day.

12.19.13 A new day! In the evening, Dad and Ben worked on correcting some of the electrical things...and Mitch came over to help too! I worked on tearing out the floor in the old kitchen area.

Christian stayed the night at Mom and Dad's...but this little guy, hasn't done so great with I brought him back for bedtime. Mom had given me some homemade granola in a container. I had just set it on top of him and he was banging on  I was washing a few dishes in my laundry room sink (my temporary kitchen sink) when I noticed he was exceptionally quiet. I was all my granola. He didn't mind, he was picking out pieces and eating them. It was obviously my fault, of course he would get into it!

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