Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitchen [part three]

12.13.13   The next part was to fill in a half wall where the dining room entrance used to be, and the small portion to add to the support wall that was left up. Ben finished up the sheetrock and the cabinets came!! He had finished the plumbing for the sink/dishwasher prior to finishing the half wall.

Then prior to putting in the new cabinets...we emptied out the "old dining room/new kitchen area" and placed those things in the living room (lots of musical rooms going on...lots of mess!).l.

 Then we tore out the flooring in the new kitchen area. was very handy to have the boys at my parents house..not exactly a kid friendly area (especially for Noah who gets into EVERYTHING!)

This is kind of how it worked when they were home...something like this. Christian just liked to climb in there with that's why they are both in their "pen".

By the afternoon we brought in the cabinets and started to put them in place.
If only it looked as easy as pictures show. It started out going nice. By the evening, Dad came over to help Ben and it was not going smoothly...bummer.  

12.15.13 Back at it in the afternoon after church (in between church and going back to church for Christian's Christmas program). I worked on clearing out all the old cabinets..and placing the things in the office (that WAS going to be newly organized since we had just finished that :)...but it became a temporary kitchen instead). There were more than a couple bumps that came up trying to install these things!! The frustration level was about a 9.
12.16.13 Monday brought a new day. A phone call to Ben's dad..asking him to come help. He obliged..and got there just as Ben was getting home from work. They worked on the cabinets..and I made the last meal in our old kitchen...I thought the countertop/work bench was amusing. The boys and I stayed downstairs while they were busy making things fit.

By the looks of it...I have several pictures of this area being worked on...a bit of a problem area one may say! But they successfully got all of them up!! THANK YOU!! And before leaving that evening, Phil helped carry out the old upper cabinet that hung above the counter.

Looking much, MUCH different. Thanks to all the help we had...Mom (for watching the boys, providing us meals...and letting us stay overnight!), Dad (for putting up with the frustration..definitely wasn't for lack of effort they didn't go in!), and Phil (for providing the much needed know-how on how to get these bad boys in!).

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