Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitchen [part five}

12.20.13 Ben's last day of school for Christmas break..he got off at 1. This is noteworthy...since this was the day we originally "thought" we would start the kitchen project, so we could do it over Christmas break. Ha! I'm glad we are at this point to "start".

The countertops came today. Yay! Soon we will have a functioning kitchen...sink and all!
This excitement QUICKLY fell to a level 15 out 10 frustration since they cut the countertop wrong. They had even came out to measure after the cabinets were installed to make sure the cuts would be right. UGH.
They got a call immediately in the morning...and one of the owners came out the next afternoon to see what the issue was. After a couple HOURS he agreed that indeed it wasn't going to work...took the countertop back with him to get them cut right :( 

12.21.13 We started laying the flooring in the kitchen/dining room. Somehow I definitely didn't feel as efficient as I did a couple weeks ago. But not Ben...he's going strong. He ended up finishing the rest of the long pieces I don't have pictured by himself. I went back to my parents to lay the boys down..and I just stayed over there, so Noah could sleep there (and I could get up with him...stinker).

 A side note...our VERY full garage...everything but...nope, including the kitchen sink. I'm ready to have this area back too..its cold outside :)

12.23.13 They brought back the countertop...and we made sure prior to them leaving that indeed it was cut right. NOW, I was excited.

Ben and his plumber hand, Christian hooking up the new sink.

NOW, we have a functioning kitchen with a DISHWASHER! (The dishwasher is worthy of its on post someday...I'm so glad for this thing!)

 The next steps are to clean out all the cabinets and put things away. An exciting part...but at this point, I am really ready to just have things organized (and get ready for Christmas!) Not complaining....I am truly grateful for the progress and how it turned out!!

The final part is painting, backsplash, and random final touches...those are 90% done! 
Oh my goodness, I am so pleased with it! And SO THANKFUL for Ben...he's put alot of hard work into this...I told him he better go back to work at school so he can have a "break". Also, so grateful for my parents who let us use their home as our own many nights...fed us meals...watched our boys....put in many hours helping with electrical issues (Dad)...and did our laundry (since our washer was recently out of order for the past week). Final pictures...soon!


Julie said...

What a great looking room! That's fantastic, Jessica.

the brokaws said...

Wowzie! I have been waiting anxiously to see this...and the dishwasher---congratulations to you!! wtg, ben!!

The Hershberger Home said...

:) Thank you! I am ready for you to see the completed look...hopefully really soon!