Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Roof, roof, roof...done!

Just to caution you...this may be a bit long, but much has happened!!

Wow, what a week. The painting is underway beginning last week, but has been put as the lesser of priorities as you will see. Dad and Mom Sweigart came up Thursday to cut down the rest of the same pesky tree down to the trunk part. We were very grateful for that...and our backyard is just so lovely now, the chopped up pieces from the tree have formed a jungle of sorts for "decoration". Actually Matt Alison, Ben's friend came to complete the removal with a HUGE chainsaw...and now we just have to get rid of the entire thing by hauling it off.

Then..beginning Saturday morning bright and early we were up and on the roof. Throughout the morning wonderful helpers arrived...Dad (Phil) Hershberger, Derek Christophel, Sam (Ben's brother), Mitch (Jess's brother), Dad (Tim) Sweigart, and Mom (Mary Jean) Sweigart came with the nephews and niece. The weather proved to be fabulous for a roofing project and we were SO very happy. As projects go, you can anticipate what is going to happen...but you can also plan on that changing..and it did. Originally, we thought that maybe we could replace the "bad" pieces of decking and obviously all the shingles and such. Turns out, all the decking was pretty much terrible and was needing to be replaced. The good part of that is..the roof will be good and done right...the bad is that it takes longer and harder work. By Saturday night, the back and side front part of the house had the new decking and felt paper on it. We prayed it wouldn't rain...and thank God it didn't.
Derek (left), Mitch (bottom middle), Sam (upper middle), and Phil (right) all working hard!

Sunday, bright and early again we were up and at it again. Phil and Sam had spent the night, so we were on the roof by 7 ish. We took a mid morning break for church and gained more help for the afternoon. Mitch, and Jess's parents came up again. The shingles were going on the back side by Mitch and Sam, and the front was getting the decking completed by Ben and Phil. Mom even got up on the roof to see how it was coming...and to bring us Sonic drinks (I think that's her official task for every project!) Dad and I worked on getting the furnice stuff replaced that we discovered was very unsafe and had a hole in it, leaking carbon monoxide into the roof. So I guess another good reason we replaced all the decking, because we would have otherwise not known this. By about 6:30 the clouds were looking a bit suspicious and sure enough went ahead and let loose with rain...and every single body was moving at a faster speed to get the rest of the exposed wood covered with felt. All was well, and another full day spent on the roof, and I think everyone's body was feeling it in some way.

You can kind of see the gloomy clouds that soon let loose in the background

Mom is up for the final decking inspection, pointing out nails that need to be pounded

It still took Monday and until Tuesday noon to complete the roof...whew. Thank God that Phil stayed for the duration, we really appreiciated ALL his help!! I don't think roofing is really my calling...but was glad I could participate in the process. Ben and I worked on cleaning up the debris all around the house...and one of these days it will look "normal" again.

Isn't our yard so cute??

Almost done, Phil and Ben put the ridge on

(They let me nail the LAST shingle!!!)

Thank you again ALL of you who helped with this...we are so blessed...and as Ben said while cleaning up "Thank God, really...thank God."


Anonymous said...

WOW Jessica I am impressed! I know who to call when I need some home improvements!

the fredin's said...

It looks GREAT! Very impressive...