Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Day on Maus Ln

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Sweigart!!! They've been married 32 years today. :)

Today has been quite an eventful one so far. To start it off, I delivered a baby at 6:34 this morning. I worked all night until 7:30 am and it was crazy busy. The lady came in by wheelchair, her water had just broke as she was walking through the parking garage door. As she was wheeling down the hall I could hear her pushing. She barely got into bed and sure enough lucky for me I had gloves on and out came a screaming baby girl (I think her name was going to be Nora..although I thought Jessica would be more fitting). So that was the start of the day (or end of yesterday really)...

After a few hours of sleep, my cousin Camille and husband came over as they are in the area this week. While we were visiting the shingle men came to drop off the load of shingles. That was fascinating how they unload...looked to be quite a bit more efficient than carrying them up by a ladder! Still during their brief visit I noticed the men from the electric company came to take care of the tree that needs to come down in the back yard. Remember...the same one that Ben thought was a good idea to tackle by himself. Well, I laughed outloud when I saw the number of people that it took to watch one man climb up the limb to cut it down. It was very ironic how one of the ten men standing there was criticising the man up in the tree, barking orders how it should be done, while they all watched him do the work.They only cut the one limb since it was the only one close to the power line. Hopefully, this Saturday the rest of the tree will be taken care of with a few extra pairs of hands and proper equipment. I didn't know all this activity was going to go on today. I wish I would have taken a picture of ALL the trucks that lined Maus Ln to take care of this nasty limb. Quite amusing..not sure why all of them needed to come. Here are some pictures just for fun.

I couldn't fit all the men that were standing around in the picture...but here they are "working" away!

The one pulling on the rope above, is the one in the can't tell but part of the tree is falling in this picture.

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the fredin's said...

way to go delivering a baby! they definitely should have named her baby jessica...then there could be a real baby jessica in the world :)