Sunday, August 3, 2008

First Weekend at Home....Ahhh.

Well after all the travels of the summer we finally had a weekend to do whatever we wanted around the house. Saturday, we drove up to Hesston to borrow Jessica's parents truck and power washer. On the way home we picked up Ben's futon from the house he was living in before we got married. We were able to get the house pressure washed, and Jessica got started on scraping the trim. Hopefully this week the house can be primed and painted (its mostly brick, so its just the upper part and trim). Also, Ben worked on patching rotten pieces of the trim.

The plan is to re-roof the house the third weekend in August, so all of this is to prepare for that to happen. In the evening, we decided to rearrange the basement furniture because I guess we didn't have enough to do...

Mitch stayed with us for the night and Ben took him to the airport bright and early in the morning. He is starting his classes for his Masters in Business at University of Indiana, and needed to go out there for a week (most of the program will be done online for this year).

Sunday we went to church....and then relaxed!!! Ahhh..we actually drove up to Hesston for the afternoon and stayed near the pool (at over 100 degrees outside, it felt mighty good).

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the fredin's said...

I do apologize for honking at you while you were on the top of the ladder...probably not very smart :). Look at you two being so productive!