Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Progress outside...

Step by step the tree and roof will be done before too long...we hope. Last Saturday was the planned "tree removal" day, and then it rained (quite odd for August). Mom and Dad Sweigart came up for some breakfast and we at least cleaned up the BIG ol' pile of branches that has been collecting at the side of our house for over a month. Then Dad just had to try out the bucket truck...just to see if it would fit in the backyard for a future tree removal day. Well, it just so happens he brought his chainsaw and I think he may have "tried" it long enough to get a good chunk of the tree down! For just having knee surgery the previous week, Dad demonstrated how stubborn he can be with all his help :) That evening we went to Harper to celebrate Ben's cousin, Jessica Penner's birthday and welcomed her back from a summer in South America.

This week Ben's been finishing up the trim work so the painting can begin. Yesterday, I started painting while Ben was at class. Hopefully the rest can get finished today and tomorrow. This coming Saturday is roofing day (and hopefully getting the rest of the tree down day)...I really hope the forecast is wrong, because it says rain again. I'm not complaining about the weather, but if I could get a little picky, I would prefer the rain could hold off until next week. Here are some pictures of the happenings outside...

Loading up the trailer with the first load of branches

This limb was a tricky actually fell directly on the fence and broke it..but no one was hurt, and the fence is easily fixable.

Our "supervisor"...who brought us Sonic drinks!!

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How did I miss all this going on right down the street?!