Monday, September 1, 2008

general happenings

I'm happy to say that the house projects are nearly complete! The painting (other than around the windows, which will be a fall project) is done...the gutters are on...and the mega tree that was chopped down in the backyard is very close to being all removed from all over the yard! So YEA!!! For what we wanted done this summer, it has happened, so that's a good thing. For now, these are the only pictures...due to a reason in the next post, bottom camera is dead.

A general update on what we're up to now that the things on the house are not totally consuming our spare time. Ben is back in classes at WSU full time, and those are going well. He will continue to work at Cloud Elementary School, as he started last semester through a WSU program. This last Friday was his first day back this year, and he will be helping out in the first grade classrooms again. Then he will be starting another side job within the next couple weeks, painting a house of one of his boss's from his summer job. He had completed a different boss's house earlier this summer (these boss's are father and son..I guess they each wanted as good looking of a house as the other). As for me, I am still getting plenty of hours working at the hospital. Last week, I worked every day, some of them quite long hours. I'll be curious to find out how many twins we had delivered in the month of August, it seems like every day I worked there were more and more sets delivering..and at least 2 sets of triplets this month. I guess the statistic is true at least in our hospital, that the most babies are born in August. Hmm..anyways. So that's what keeps me busy...that and making sure Ben has enough food :).

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