Monday, February 29, 2016

Family Celebrates 60

We had a special celebration for Mom's birthday the following weekend after her actual day.
Carissa and Eliana flew in for it on Wednesday. Noah dropped everything when he first saw Eliana, and said, "Can I hold her?" He didn't even give me a chance to love on her first...he loves his baby cousin. She has grown so much since Christmas!

And on Thursday, Carissa provided a birthday meal, using the birthday gift she gave...a raclette grill. It was very tasty! Special cheeses melted and poured over veggies, chicken, shrimp, bread...oooh, so good.

Friday, we left for The Barn, a bed & breakfast near Topeka in the early afternoon. We left in two the ones that had work/school could come a couple hours later. This bed & breakfast is quite large. There were 20 rooms, all various sizes and I think 5 different levels, including a basement. There were several different sitting areas and a ping pong/TV area in the basement and a huge hit was the indoor pool and hot tub. It was very accommodating, and we were the only ones there for the majority of the time. 

After breakfast on Saturday, we all went to Lawrence just to look around a bit. We went to a large fabric store and a three story toy store...I think Mom was equally excited about both (probably even more about the toy store!). It was a beautiful day. We ate lunch at Minsky's, a pizza place..GOOD pizza.

More pool and hot tub time. And of course we played games in the evening.

In the evening, they had some different lights in the hot tub area. That was a FULL hot tub.

We played Nickels...and Brent/Dad/Mitch/Alyssa played Rook.

 We had some sleepy passengers on the way home, Sunday.

Sunday evening, we got a few more snuggles in with Eliana and Carissa (maybe not snuggling, but playing games with her).

 We all love you Mom.
Hopefully you had wonderful 60th birthday celebrations!


Natalia said...

Now I'm googling "raclette grill". :) How fun!!

The Hershberger Home said...

I know right? I had never heard of this thing before this night! But it was really fun, and so tasty!!!